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Eeti Tamil movie review

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Eeti starring Atharva-SriDivya released at Chennai flood times was not in limelight & with less promotions, many felt it would be trash..To the surprise, The debut director has given good & promising movie for Atharva who deliberately wants a hit..

Cast : Atharva, Sri Divya, Jaya prakash

Music : G V Prakash

Director : Ravi Arasu


Pugal (Atharva) is athlete who has been selected for national level meet lives happily with parents in Tanjore..His dad is a constable wants him to achieve success in game & career. But Atharva suffers with rare disease where  blood doesn’t clot in the injury but bleeds & it may lead to death..Because of the passion over sports, he is very cautious on his medical issue & he is guided by passionate coach (Naren)..unfortunately , he comes over a Girl named Gaythri (Sri Divya) from Chennai through wrong number torcher..slowly this torcher becomes love with few good the same there is fake currency mafia run by don in Chennai is notorious gang who kills any to save them

His national meet shifts from Kolkata to Chennai..He is eager to meet his love, but lands in trouble with fake currency mafia while saving Gayathri’s brother who files a case against the mafia under Assistant commissioner guidance(Selva) is under threat of gang..Now Pugal looses his concentration on the training & track but follows Gaythri & her family problems irks coach..sooner, coach &guys too gets in  the crux of Pugal problem…How does Pugal comes out of trap?did he achieve success in the national meet &saves her family? what happened to mafia? is all detailed good in the screen..


++ Atharva dedication & hard work paid off at last..Toned athlete body &the six packs  makes him fit the bill of athlete guy & Greek god body ensures good action hero on the way..Terrific &  agile in stunts…Looks handsome, has one of the best body, his flexible & determination on workout as sports man..brings word Wow!!!..good in romance & crackling chemistry with Sri Divya..literally girls will ogle young man for some time!!!

++ Sri Divya looks homely & she easily carries the role of chennai girl...with cliche characterization, she makes the difference with smile & expressions

++ Super stunt choreography by Raja sekar..The pre interval & the climax fights deserve appreciation..sema!!! fights & fantastic efforts by stunts man & Atharva..

++ Cast is good with Naren as coach , Selva as Commissioner & Jaya Prakash as dad is promising & ease act proves their experience

++ Story & background with interesting medical element makes the normal screenplay a unique one..though not full fledged sports flick, it ensures the pace..the last 40 min with hero’s flaw & intelligent moves..good end

++ G.V Prakash BGM plays good along with movie..

++ Photography by Sakthi saravanan revolves round & round in fight scenes ,…it gives a different & natural tone for Tanjore scenes..simple & yet good photography doesn’t disturb the screenplay.

++ Director Ravi Arasu has some good directional skills..looks promising ..if he concentrates more on romance & comedy..he could be in line of mass directors..

++  Good plot & racy second half is sure plus for the movie


Why not full fledged sports flick??why to mix romance, unwanted rowdy-don scenes, stupid comedy & unnecessary songs? is it safe template for commercial movie..Movie starts as sports movie..goes

on as rowdy-rom movie till climax, at last sports comes alive… more on sports & athlete -medial element it would have been a memorable movie in Tamil industry..

First half is slow till interval..except few scenes it test our patience..

— 4 songs in 1 st half, silly romance, mindless comedy  in the middle …are sure drawback for this movie..

— Except one song..that too is average..GV Prakash fails to give fine songs..not even one is hummable or good melody which he is at his best…

Story struggles between sports/medical disease/ romance/ fake currency???either one or two things would have made movie more racier

— Atharva needs some focus on expressions & acting in some areas..may be little lethargic..

Editing could have been better...

Eeti movie has good commercial elements …but some how lacks the success template of class movie..Watch it for Atharva’s hardwork & efforts, good last 30 min, story background & plot…good watch..

Verdict:5.5/10 ( 1 for Atharva, 1 for Story & plot, 1 for 2nd half, 1 for stunts, 1 for cast & direction, .5 for Sri Divya)

Movie canvas punch: Eeti is good could have been sharper…


  1. RajaRathinam

    Your reviews are too honest and open as such a good cinema or movie lover.. You are simply rocking than behindwoods..

    • Mohan

      Thank for your kind words thambi..your support & love makes me work better..hope to do justice in future reviews…

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