VIP last year genuine blockbuster trio is back..Velraj-Dhanush-anirudh gets super title Thangamagan has dished out emotional family drama which doesn’t make you emotional or even feel good..

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Cast: Dhanush, Amy Jackson, Samantha,Radhika

Music: Anirudh

Direction: Velraj


Tamil(Dhanush) a college goer lives happily with his father(K.S Ravikumar) who is employed in Income Tax & mother(Radhika) is housing board colony..He is very close to his cousin(Adhit) and friend (Sathish)..stick together all time until Tamil meets Hema(Amy) …both are in love..and break up with thought difference in joint family life..after a year, Hema gets married to cousin, though it is not intentional..Tamil moves out of the love life..he gets married to soft spoken Yamuna(Samantha) who understand better & lives with full of joy

Tamil too gets a job in his dad’s office..All is well, until his father suicide..Due to his age-memory loss behavior, it seems gone depressed for loosing a file..whole family earning & life standard takes a beat , as Tamil also fired from office..Tamil searches info about his father suicide reason and comes to know the truth..that he was deceived by known person..did Tamil find the culprit? did he gets back the true identity of father to world??is all about Thanga Magan


++ Dhanush seems to be mastered in skills of acting a middle class aspiring hero..the transformation from jolly youth to responsible son is excellent..he does go for couple of mass scenes in uttering punches which engages his fans, but underplayed the role it romancing Amy or Samantha,  or convincing Radhika etc..expressions pours in like one hell…proved his name once again..natural actor

++ Amy Jackson looks slim& beautiful..had some scope for acting..good ones like drunken scenes,romance & slapping her husband..Samantha is opposite with typical cotton clad sari middle class girl is apt & supports Dhanush character all over the movie.. her face brings the needed looks

++ K.S Ravikumar scores as Memory loss father & Radhika is absolute treat to watch..both veterans are of the cast is good with Sathish, Aadith, performance stands out

++ Enna solla song is okay and all songs goes with story doesn’t jar the proceedings

++ Humor in some scenes are enjoyable with few emotion dialogues does find place

++ Run time of 2 hrs is big plus..

++ Photography shines in this Thangamagan


It seems emotional family drama..but nothing gets connected to the audience has scenes just passes without hooking our hearts..the solid screenplay is missing as all the scenes have seen effect with movie snailing towards climax

— First half is good but the story happens before interval..simply kissing, hugging, kissing…silly breakup reasons..then again samantha romance…they felt those scenes are natural but not novel idea…three songs in one hour first half is tedious though shot well…

A sense of urgency in the narration, as it doesn’t make us too feel the emotion of characters…the characterization of Amy, Sathish, Aadthi is unclear or over the dose..everybody changes suddenly to goodies with few dialogues passed by lead actor..

Amy says about dream house, there comes break up..but how then she marries a guy and lives in middle class house that too without  knowing is dhanush cousin..????then she comes after a year says that Tamil doesn’t know real reason for breakup???(directorkae theiryadhu polaaa!!!)

Aadhiti obsession for money & next sequences becoming mental for saving money…with that much obsession, he gets clear with two lines uttered by Dhanush…that too not impressive!!!

Amy lip sinc , Samantha over make up, unnecessary punches  doesn’t gel with movie plot..

Songs & BGM of Anirudh misses the magic of VIP not even to his stature..

With great crew &technicians on the board movie in the screen makes audience watching a low budget flick with dry the movie is not sure black mark …

— Lethargic direction & taken audience for granted is also


Movie resembles veteran directors Visu,V. Sekar family flicks..even Movie 3 & VIp hangover..

Thanga Magan is clean family drama which does have share of romance &emotions but missed out the entertainment completely

Verdict:3/10 ( 1 for Dhanush, 1 for Cast & their performance, & 1 for photography)

Movie canvas Punch: Thanga Magan.. covering(gold plated) son!!!!