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Pandiraj comes out of his comfort zone for the first time..that too Vishal playing the lead informs us a core action movie..What does Kathakali has to offer???produced by Pandiraj & Vishal


Cast : Vishal, Catherine Tresa, Karunas

Music: Hip Hop Aadhi

Director: Pandiraj


Thamba rules Cuddalore district with his gang..He has lot of enemies in the town because of his atrocious act towards public , ex-MLA, opposite gang& a business man..Amuthavel aka Amuthan(Vishal) who returns from US  for his marriage with Meenu kutty(Catherine Tresa) ..Both were in love & after couple of years they get the marriage date mutually agreed by both the families..Amuthavel family is also devastated by Thamba once..No sooner, Thamba is killed all of sudden by notorious gang, and now Cuddolare is full of chaos..with his brother in laws creating ruckus in the city& wants to know who killed Thamba.

Amuthan knowing this feels happy is now with Meenu kutty for marriage purchase in Chennai as wedding gonna take place in four days..He makes a call to his friend Thavasi & warns him to be safe as Thavasi works for Thamba..Doubting Amuthavel & brother, he informs to police about them as accused..Now Police inspector in order to close the case circles the innocent Amuthan in the trap of Thamba murder..Did Amuthan gets trapped by the inspector? what about the gang who searches for the killer?who killed Thamba??..forms the rest of story


++ Vishal flawless act..Its cake walk kind of role with all romance, one lines, stunts, emotions handled well ….He is just perfect to this kind of role & suits the image of innocent as well as action hero..

++ Catherine Tresa is cute & looks refreshing in the role Meenu Kutty…Her chemistry with Vishal is good & excels in couple of scenes..that too in restaurant meet pulling Vishal legs…

++ Cast is perfect & their performances is adequate..the Cuddalore police inspector,  Thamba, Vishal Family members  grabs the attention

++ First half of the movie moves brisk pace with cute & enjoyable romance between Vishal & Catherine..action slowly catching up and lands bang to emotional interval..

++ Pleasant photography..the romance scenes has pleasant tone & action scenes, chases & night effect has dark tone…deserved a pat for good photography…

++ Hip hop Aadhi theme music & background score has enough tempo to keep the movie going..only two songs in the movie..could not find place in ears..but well shot

++ Run time is the biggest strength..movie runs for 2 hrs 05 min..Sharp to the point

++ No violence, vulgarity or crass comedy..makes this movie a family watch for the festival…


Lacks freshness in the screenplay & treatment as it gets a mixture feeling of various Madurai based theme movies like Sandakozhi,Thimru,Malaikottai etc

— Stunt has to be rocking, but here with only couple of stunts that to not-so-impressive ..With Vishal in the film, less fierce 

Humor & some detailing in scenes could have been better 

— Few logic misses here &there is also weak..

KathaKali..Pandiraj direction finds place for action movie buffs at the same has some good romance& emotions transformed to the audience though lacks freshness in story& treatment..

Verdict: 5.5/10 ( 1 for Vishal, 1 for Catherine & cast, 1 for photography, 1 for first half, 1 for background music, .5 pace& run time)

Movie canvas punch:  Kathakali..Decent action flick..