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Stylish director Sukumar-Tarak Juinior NTR  project & pre release promotions were sky high because of NTR new look & overseas shoot..not to forget the Tarak’s 25th movie..Touted to be the stylish emotional movie has all the elements of class movie

Cast : Junior NTR, Raku Preeth singh, Jagapathi babu,Rajendra Prasad

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Direction: Sukumar


Movie Happens in London..Abiram(Junior NTR) is looser in job &starts up a company on his own as KMC  Company for losers.No sooner his father Rajendra chandra prasath(Rajendra prasath) is sick & has time of 30 days..Abhi & both brothers comes to know the last wish of his father & his past , where  Krishnamurti (Jagapathi) a big NRI business man in London who occupies all the companies with cheap tricks betrayed him too & pushed  Rajendra prasath in poor life..His last wish is to avenge him .All the three promises but only Abhi wants to take revenge as he loves his father immensely..but they are ordinary people & he is very big VIP in Country

Abhi frames a plan, selects 3 to his team, targets Divyanka(Rakul preeth singh) daughter of Krishnamurti ..Traps in love ,nears Krishnamurti..but all goes in vain.. he knows Abhi is here to pull his legs..Even Divyanka deceives Abhi by joining hands with father. She is shattered with a unknown dream of her childhood often..Now Abhi has lost his true love, lost money, and even he fails in all his days nearing for his dad demise…he is in frustration..finally on the day he challenged Krishnamurti that he will make his empire collapse,. happens..How did Abiram do that? did he wins back his lady love?, how did Krishnamurti failed to master plans of Abhi?? all revealed in classy revenge drama…


++ Its Tarak different avatar & subtle act..previous films are targeted on mass but this movie is for class..He excels in each & every scene..effortless handling of Rakul,intelligent sketches to enemies, the stunts, stylish &chic costumes, hairdo & beard, the body language, his core dancing..He showcases himself in different dimension this time..Slang too rocks..25th film of Tarak finds place for all..and He is totally cool & handsome in this movie

++ Rakul Preeth Singh never looked so gorgeous in previous flicks..She is so beautiful & elegant in the NRI role..Her costumes deserves special mention..the long gowns. slit ones, micro mini’s makes the leggy lass looks awesome..decent performance too.

++ Jagapathi Babu is now becoming versatile in the antagonist role..He is soft, cunning in the role of businessman..his dialogue delivery & base voice with salt& pepper looks

add more elegant touch to the villany role..

++ Cast & their performance is decent

++ Devi Sri Prasad “Follow Follow” sung by NTR,Ballad “Nannuku Prematho” is good..Background score is ok..

++ Cinematography by Vijay chakravarthy is mind’s eye candy & grabs the audience attention most of the time in the screen…clear & gives a classy look of London & rugged for Spain scenes..Great work & rich visuals

++ Stunts are subtle but well choreographed

++ Sukumar screen play gives more space for the intelligence..Whatever the dot or scenes, he connects with logical it butterfly theory, titles, or D word for the lead, the bug game, the Picaso potrait etc..he scripted well for antagonist role…and detailed few scenes with simple dialogues…dialogues in many places are clever & simple

++Dance choreography is fast & graceful..with Junior NTR , blessed dancer in screen..steps are catchy & impressive..follow follow song, the last folk number, don’t stop ..are superb

++  Rich Production values & grandeur filled with neat emotions connected to audience is lauadable..with no vulgar, or unneccassary comedy..this movie is family entertainer


— Movie though is cat& mouse game kind, quite scenes are cleverly pinned , it moves at snail be specific..the scenes run too long..that too the first half

— Movie core plot is father-son duo love..but there are hardly any scenes & sequences  to prove in the screen..should have shot few scenes of father-son, which needs to nail our heart but fails miserably..

Editing is average..could have easily cut down scenes in first half & second half

— Resembles recent Tamil movie Thani oruvan & few other Telugu movies ..bug scenes, the Hollywood reflect portraits scenes respectively

DSP background score – songs though saved by Photography & dances of Tarak, still takes a beating..lost his Midas touch???

– Lacks the usual NTR flavor of Stunts, Punches ,as it wont appeal much to his core mass audience…

Nannuku Prematho Sukumar -Junior NTR land mark 25th movie is class, Technically sound with good screenplay & dialogues, new NTR Avatar however due to long run time, slow paced screen appeals  great to niche,city  or few segments of audience..

Verdict:6/10 ( 1 for Junior NTR, 1 for Rakul & cast, 1 for Jagapathi babu, 1 for Photography, 1 for Follow song & dances, 1 for intelligent writing& direction)

Movie canvas Punch: Nannukku Prematho…Classy revenge drama…