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Rajini Murugan..From Varuthapadatha Valibar sangam team once again dished out a comedy movie which movie was in problem for a year due to producers  financial issue..but still it can attract family audience..

Cast : Shiva KArthikeyan, Soori,Keerthi suresh, Raj kiran

Music: D.Imman

Director: Ponram


Periyavar(Raj Kiran) all sons settled in foreign nation lives in Madurai with only son(Gnasambandam)..His grand son Rajini Murugan(Siva Karthikeyan) looks after grandpa, roaming the city jobless with his friend RK (Soori)..He falls in love with child hood girl Preethi(Keerthi) but his father doesn’t like his family, but once they were close friends..He attracts Preethi in all the way & wants to settle in life..SO grand pa plans to divide his assets to all his sons& daughter, so Rajini murugan gets his share & invest in business..

But no sooner Ezharai mookan(Samuthrakani) who waits for revenge in Rajini murugan family due to past issues, lands with a problem that he is also grandson of Periyavar & wants a share in the house & assets..What did Rajini murugan do ?does he gets his lady love? did he solve Ezahri mookan issues?..is all Rajini murugan about…


++ Siva karthikeyan proves his mettle in comedy..He is spontaneous in delivering lines & timing is perfect..He gets smarter day by day and his romance with Keerthi & chemistry with Soori is fantastic..Dances well & expression are good in humor scene

++ Keerthi suresh is simple Yet adorable..she looks refreshing, dances great & acts decent..though few scenes she gives dumb expression..needs to pull more on acting in coming days..Her smile is attractive..Welcome the next homely actress ..

++  Soori..in last few movies,he was terrible bore..but here he steals the show with thunder..most of the times when soori &siva on the screen brings the roof down..His accent of Madurai & timing the dialogues is  quite catchy..Soori is big plus

++ Cast is pretty good with Samuthrakani catches our attention along with Rajkiran & Keerthi’ s Dad…

++ Balasubramanian , DOP needs to be lauded for making the film colorful through his lens..Pleasant & crystal clear..the screen in most of the scenes are watchable is due to the man..Big applause!!!songs are caught great..

++ Imman ..all the songs are hummable..pick of the album is  “Unmela oru Kannu” ,”Aavi parakum”..His BGM is also pretty good..Sure he is winner in the movie

++ First half of the movie runs like marathon with great comedy & good songs…

++ Clean entertainment..no vulgar, violence, or unwanted stunts or forced glamour…


Illogical ..many scenes doesn’t have logic in the screen, ..eg..Rajini murugan is jobless & gets pocket money from father..but then how a very big tea stall put opposite to lovers house?????why is the climax twist? what is the need??its just commercial …he starts tea stall, real estate company loosing money…careless & lethargic..still he  ask share to start business..not showing any intelligent side of hero ..character etching is bad….why always hero portrayed as useless, jobless good samartian?????

Connection -less scenes…Story tumbles in the 2nd half..goes with panchayat scenes, serious on the progress, unwanted Keerthi episodes comes in, when it progress all of sudden son-daughter emotions pop up, then friendship, then song -love, then villain, then Raj kiran…simple… story rides on comedy & timing humor rather not with  screen writing…..bad screen writing & silly scenes just saved by Siva & Soori..Ponram caution needed!!!!

In theater laugh or meaningless  comedy which we can laugh in theater, but gets dry when we are out..serious scenes takes place but there comes a stupid comedy lines which spoils the genre of the movie…forced comedy & very childish detailing of son -grandpa  relationship...situation   songs played in background of the scenes in many places shows us dryness ….

— Siva is energetic & charming..but he is routine with expressions  & mind voice dialogues…..his costumes needs to be taken care..

Second half is bit lengthy & few unnecessary counter punches & suddenly takes the serious route &again lands in comedy..may work out couple of times but not all ..

Don’t know why audience laugh that much where there is no jokes..whatever Shiva says “Vanthutariya America Adhibar”, ” Pangu ean thituraluga”..crowd goes berserk(near sat one, simply giggling for most of scenes!!!!mudiayala)..is it hard work /luck of Shiva or audience got dry with stressful life or manipulating media ..Could not guess????

Rajini murugan is no where near to VVS…it has  good dose of comedy, fine songs & good photography..but illogical, no so gripping story & sequences ...Shiva’s  popularity is immensely growing..do concentrate on good script but don’t give up your forte Shiva!!!!!

Verdict : 4.5/10 (1 for Siva Karthikeyan, 1 for Soori & comedy, 1 for Imman songs, 1 for photography, .5 for Keerthi)

Movie canvas punch: Rajini Murugan..Mindless, In-theater laugh flick..