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Marvel comics comes out with new super hero movie which pulls legs of their own &other super hero leagues..loaded with full of fun ..Dead pool starred Ryan Reynolds does promises to have more sequels..first R rated movie from Marvel

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin ,Ed skrien

Director: Tim Miller


Wade Wilson (Ryan) a mercenary was once US special force operative enjoys his life  does anything for money…He lives happily with her girl friend (Morena ) & at the time of marriage, Wade is diagnosed with Cancer & dead line is 6 months maximum. Leaving her girlfriend & marriage in air, Wade meets a British scientist Francis who assures a cure..Believing that He undergoes a treatment which is rogue experiment which tortures, disfigures Wades face but cures cancer as mutant genes gets activated with few super powers…

Now he wants to revenge one man & his deadly team who made his life miserable..with the help of friends he hides his wounded & filthy body in a red spandex suit, names himself dead pool.joins hands with  two contemporaries(X men school..)..did he find his rival? Wade saves his girlfriend or not? is just executed perfectly with foul mouthed dialogues & good

action scenes…good humor throughout the movie


++ Comedy..Though the movie has r rated ..very much r rated dialogues,its genuinely hilarious..the fun element is maintained all over the movie till exit…a sample..when X men couple takes him in custody asking dead pool to join in x men gang..Ryan says…is  Mc Avoy or Patric stewart???kindly confirm the person of prof X..even pulls super hero leagues like..” only two left for fight, where are other x men gang??does producer is short of budget to bring in cast??”….with few on screen realistic dialogues that munched for fans…super fun!!!!

++  2 action sequences..though it has less action has been choreographed deadly to the core...the first fight scene in the wet roads is WoWsome!!!!..few never seen stunts tumbles, gun shots…etc laced with humor & little violent is just amazing..climax action scenes does finds place..

++ Photography is fantastic with a grey tone ..grey background( awaiting for rain..kinda..)  is cool for the dead pool super hero..The action scenes freeze & slow motion captures are effective & played its part good

++ Music is fine which travels with movie

++ Ryan Reynolds is excellent in the super hero role. Not bad like green lantern, here he over comes the flaws &delivers better in terms of dialogues & dancing body language..timing & some fast forward words with great accent makes him a complete actor for dead does good with Ed &Gina finds place

++ Wonderful VFX

++ Titles will bring us a smile, which is refreshing like..a British villain, moody Teen, hot Chick, directed by  a over paid tool..good one!!!


Bad story(Ryan even accepts that all super hero movie does have a bad one)…there is not strong plot..killing a man who transformed his normal life &saves his prostitute girl friend from  bad ass villain is quite regular…

— It follows the same path of super hero movies which means Predictable from start till end..and nothing with twist & turns which doesn’t keep audience hooked to seats

— X men, iron man,Green lantern etc..reminds us of few superhero movies that too a R-rated super hero flick does not find kids who are big fan base of marvel comics

Foul mouthed & filthy dialogues , insane violence in action, blood &gore with knife slashes are quite cool in VFX but its more  of unnecessary 13 below .

Dead pool is fun with some cool action scenes but could have reduced the bad lines & bloody violence..Action Lovers can give a watch..sure watch for hilarious moments

Verdict:5.5/10 ( 1 for comedy, 1 for action, 1 for Ryan Reynolds , 1 for photography, 1 for VFX,&  .5 music)

Movie canvas punch: Dead pool..Filthy fun& deadly action…