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First Zombie ..core zombie flick in India(Go Goa gone..is spoof kind!!)that too in Tamil..kudos to Jeyam Ravi-Sakthi-Rayappan(producer) guts for making Miruthan

Cast: Jeyam Ravi, Lakshmi Menon, Kaali venkat

Music: D. Imman

Director: Sathi Soundarrajan


Karthick(Ravi) is Traffic SI in Ooty lives for her lovable sister Vidya.He falls in love with a doctor Renuka (Lakshmi Menon)!! one sided but  she has been fixed marriage with a  doctor..One fine day, all the people in Ooty turns in to Zombies through a deadly viral infection from stray dogs..They turn in seconds& bite humans..and they turn into zombies..no cure is found till date..

Karthick sister is kidnapped by minister for incident were karthick insults minister..He finds sister with help of Renuka who is daughter of minister but sets a deal to Karthick & his friend that he needs to take group of doctors safe to Coimbatore GH to find the medicine, which is only possible way..Did Karthick succeeds in mission? did she comes to know the love? what happened to zombies & cure is all Miruthan


++ Jeyam Ravi is good as Traffic cop role &excels in the romance  & zombie transformation scenes..He is good at stunts & expressions are adequate for the zombie genre

++ Cast & performances are decent..Lakshmi menon is fine, Kali venkat evokes few laughter which is template of any Zombie flick..Minister Manohar is quite good…

++ New genre & refreshing story which makes us stay away from cliches scenes &dialogues..first half is pretty decent

++ Photography & songs play apt for the movie..”Munnal Kadhali” “mirutha” songs does find place..Ooty & Coimbatore caught in different lighting’s & chase scenes are shot well

++ Couple of  scenes are turned to our nativity mode & quite interesting..funny lines in some points & pre interval &post interval scenes, last minutes of Jayam Ravi-Menon scenes ..

++ Fair direction &kudos to Sakthi for trying out new genres

++ Run time of movie is big plus 1 hr 50min


Zombie flicks all over the world has similar stories & Miruthan too..because it is new to our audience it is refreshing other wise a stale one

Zero logic..With lots of non-sense logic, movie wanders without proper following..

If zombies are allergic to water, why cant they use by people to protect from animal like humans attack????

They say an Europe city is killed completely by the virus, world haven’t  found cure..but all of sudden without any detailing, these group of doctors find a cure from Ravi sister blood saying Antibody???Mudialaa..big flower..oru logic, oru reason veandama….

how come it spreads to Kovai ,as the TV & paper news says only in ooty?? is it okay for Karthick to handle all those zombies with bullets & guns..Zombies characters or its nature is undefined??

— Much of violence, gun shooting often..loading bullets, shooting is boring after a extent, silly escapes are childish..what happened to others, are any humans alive or not????govt actions???Lethargic screenplay...

Movie background for Zombie devastation is quite bad with battered roads, burning buildings etc doesn’t bring screen alive..it has to be the seriousness & scary things transformed to audience,where Sakthi utterly fails..seems like a c- grade zombie flick some times

Ordinary VFX & make up hangs the proceedings..that too the long drawn climax & Mirutha song placement is tiring…

Background score could have been better , as music dept. is prime key for this genre

Family audience & kids may stay away this zombie flick due to excess shooting &violence(though less when compared to Hollywood flicks..)

Miruthan is cool zombie first Tamil flick & has its horror -humor moments but hugely let down by  average screenplay & research..Those who have seen N no of Hollywood Zombie flicks is sure to be disappointed

Verdict: 4.5/10 (1 for fresh genre, 1 for Jeyam Ravi &cast performances, 1 for first half, 1 for photography & songs, .5 run time)

Movie canvas punch : Miruthan..Decent attempt but  inept