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God of Egypt the movie about wars between gods ..an imaginative  story with lots of VFX & great visuals…as Gerard butler in villainy role promised a breathtaking movie..what is there with gods of Egypt??

Cast : Gerard butler, Nicolej Coster, BRendow, Elodie young

Music : Marco Bletrami

Direction: Alex Proyas


Egypt ruled by two gods one for desert & one for wealthy land..one fine day Horus (Nickolej) god of wind, grand son of Sun god was to throwned as king, but then comes Seti( Gerard Butler) desert king , uncle of Horus to the ceremony , but all tumbles as Seti kills Horus father i.e Set brother..takes the power from Horus god , there to kill, but imprisoned him as blind because of Hathos(Eoldie) goddess of love, who loves Horus..Now Set  rules Egypt, makes people as slaves, supports dark & has dangerous plans..

Zaya( Courtney) who loves a thief but a clever man Bek( Brendon), believes that if Hours powers has been brought back, he could save kingdom & people..she ask favor to bring back the power, which is two eyes placed in different location..Bek steals & on the way to escape, he looses lady love Zaya..Zaya goes to other side of death world, but needs to give precious gift in order to live in death world, as she is poor..in the world, Bek brings back one eye to Horus & sets a deal..that i show the way for another eye, save the kingdom & bring back her lover life ..Horus agrees & now both join together travels places, meets person to bring down evil uncle Set..did Horus saves the kingdom & people? did he bring back Zaya from death world? what happened to Set? is all revealed with grand & stunning visuals


++ Splendid VFX & spectacular visuals..the whole movie is pumped up with some goosebumps in terms of visuals…Egyptian kingdom, the pyramid, desert, the giant trees in lake, the sun gods place, the high cliffs, the giant pyramid  for sun god..breathtaking..Great VFX..the flying gods with wings, the evil animal, Sun gods actions, the pyramid collapse, gods fights, giant snake fights are wonderful..lots of fun loaded in this fantasy epic movie…Amazing VFX & visuals!!!
++ Action scenes with help of VFX looks stunning in the screen…giant snake attacks, the first fight, the climax one, the eye steal scenes in underground etc brings us to the edge of the seat

++ Photography for this epic fantasy is fascinating..with rich costumes, makeups , different locations..it takes the driver seat..and that too some eagle eye shots & vast lands desert scenes, including action sequences, speaks millions about the hard work

++ Music by Marco Beltrami sticks very well to Egyptian template, does raises the standard of the movie in most of the scenes

++ Cast & their performance is decent..Gerard Butler in villain role is menacing, while Nicolej, Brendon does a good job..Courtney as Zaya, And Eoldie young as Hathos shines good in character with glittering, deep low neck & slit gown costumes

++ Grand & rich production values..costumes are rich & make ups are fantastic

++ Sets & the fantasy elements in the movie make us ,,in specific children s  will enjoy those stuffs..the magic bracelet, the death world, the giant body guards, the wing gods , eye balls, the danger games in stealing eyeballs are sure to attract fantasy audience.

++ Movie is quite lengthy but no sense of boredom till the end...


Story & plot of gods Rivals for kingdom & the hate of people with fantasy background is similar to some of movies like clash of titans, wrath of Titans, Immortal,Exodus gods & kings etc…..

Casting of European actors..white faced stars for Egyptian back draft story found wrath with Critics &audience…they too did only avg performance…This is because the imaginative story has failed to go along with Egyptian history or real facts of the kings & gods..blame director for fair research

Fantasy illogical & some time overdose of stunts in action scenes does fail to connect audience

Detailing looks incomplete & so the characters passing in the movie doesn’t find place in our heart , and so when we are out of theaters , it has sense of Dejavu

But don’t mind critics & logic’s, Gods of Egypt  has enough things like  VFX& visuals to keep action &fantasy lovers glued to seats..good watch

Verdict :6/10 (1 for VFX, 1 for Visuals, 1 for action sequences, 1 pace , 1 for grandeur& rich elements,.5 for photography & .5 for music)

Movie canvas Punch: Gods of Egypt…Tremendous fun with spectacular visuals