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Kanithan movie directed by ARM’s Assistant Santhosh produced by Thanu..Atharva fresh after Eeti has given an interesting cat &mouse game movie in recent times which is backed by fake certificate plot..

Cast : Atharva, Catherine Tresa, Karunakaran

Music: Drums Sivamani

Direction: T.N Santhosh


Gowtham (Atharva)aspires to become a reporter in BBC,  works in local channel Sky. He meets Anu(Catherine Tresa) in a pub instantly falls in love, lies that he is BBC reporter, but soon his true identity revealed to her..But Gowtham gets a interview call in BBC, impresses the  panel & has been waiting for offer..Anu & Gowtham are in love but then, police arrests Atharva & few other young guys working a different concerns for faking the bank loans with duplicate school & degree certificate..One of them suicides on the way to prison & courts gets them ten days to pay the forged amount

Gowtham sparked by the words of dads friend who is constable(Bhagayaraj) , uses his journalist knowledge & finds the mole in the deadly group with his friend(Karuna) has bait..Then comes the shocker that lot of people who in govt& private organisation work with faking their education..Thura SArkar(Tarun Arora) a Burma citizen is the culprit behind the scam & runs a big network in a name of consultancy..as all the fake people help Sarkar fearing that they would loose the job &dignity…Gowtham & Thura sarkar with their source nearing end point …did they find each other? burst out the fake certificate racket or not? ends with good climax……


++ Racy & brisk Screenplay ..Movie does find to take off, but once  Atharva arrested, proceedings are jet pace..the scenes were Karunakaran used as bait to find the group,& the next chase, brainy villains strategies& Atharva’s  moves, Both antagonist& protagonist ways of finding them for a revenge, Small & some refreshing ideas & good climax …is all one line..a good cat &mouse game screen writing in recent times..Kudos to Santhosh!!!

++ Core plot of Fake certificates , its issues& its effect on society though not much detailed, it makes us scare about the certificates & importance of protecting from carelessness…

++ Atharva fresh after success of Eeti, fits perfectly to the aspiring journalist..with fit body, energetic screen presence& dancing abilities, is fast emerging a action hero where the agility in stunts proves the caliber of young actor..an action hero on the way!!!!

++ Catherine Tresa looks beautiful in the movie with her limited space..but then she is  glamorous in low necks– body hugging miniskirts..spicy in songs!!

++ Tarun Arora is new baddie in town & he does as a terrific screen presence with subtle act & body language ..he does justice for brainy villain..welcome baddie!!!

++ T.N Santhosh needs special mention for the story & brisk presentation without boring moments as all commercial ingrediants which can be enjoyed by all set of audience

++ Arvaind krishna photography speaks volumes in chase & night shot scenes..songs are shot colorfully & stunts with vigor

++ “Yappa Chappa” song by Drums Sivamani is foot tapping with Chinna’s fine background score

++ Action sequences..composed with agile..the chase in the narrow streets, the stunts in Burma Mansion deserves a pat…


First 30 min of movie moves at leisure pace with 2 songs popping up & stuck with avg comedy — romance,though the pair is good, romance scenes are dry..

Except Yappa chappa , rest of songs are forgettable & misplaced which jars the pace of the movie..in specific the song “Modern ponnuthan” at nail biting moment is unwanted..Siva mani, not even a single melody??

Lot of scenes in  the movie has Thuppaki Hangover..like Vijay traps her own sister to find sleeper cell head, here Atharva uses Karunakaran& proceeds similar to the sequences..even Tarun Arora reminds Vidyut , with background& color tone it strikes Thuppaki in  few scenes..May be Similarties in Thanu &ARM’s assistant???still it looks refreshing

— Though movie is at brisk pace, a song & few scenes could have been easily cut down …as run time nears to 2 hrs 30min

In the mode of Raciness, few logic laps have been left idle

Kanithan..Yes with interesting screenplay, brainy hero & villain games, photography, Atharva energy, catherine glam quotient…it is clean & racy entertainment with few flaws &commercial compromises

Verdict: 6/10 ( 1 for Atharva, 1 for Catherine & Villain, 1 for script & pace, 1 for action sequences, 1 for photography, .5 for plot & .5 rich production values)

Movie canvas Punch: Kanithan…engrossing entertainment..