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The title from Vijay Antony -Sasi project when they announced raised eye brows & challenged the cinema sentiments..but the movie hits the marque with good response from audience all over the world

Cast: Vijay Antony, Satna Titus

Music: Vijay Antony

Direction: Sasi


ArulKumar(Vijay Antony) is the Crorepathi & only son to his  mother, who has lots of love &affection. He returns to India after higher studies from US but unfortunately  his mother goes to coma in an  accident..None of the treatment gets back her,  uncle  eyeing for the property..A saint promises that your mother will be out of danger & coma if you live a beggar life for 48 days in some other place hiding your identity, assets & even not to utter any words about this …with no other way, he trusts and goes to Chennai only informing to his friend that he will not be available for next 48 days..

He meets a Magzhini(Satna TItus) where she & her friends run a Pizza shop..She & he falls in love..Slowly after some ego & attitude, Arul started to live a beggar life with some good hearten beggars in temple..there he gets into couple of problems & even lady love knows the truth that he is beggar..did he successfully lived the life for 48 days?did the problems in his new life solved & Satna gets married to him or not? mother wakes from coma or dies in..is all presented in heartwarming & interesting screenplay


++ Sasi director of Poo,Dishyum, Sollamale,  Rojakootam is back with bang..the mother sentiment with beggar plot with interesting characterizations, and hard hitting dialogues..movie goes with good pace &  touches our heart in couple of scenes..the screenplay is neat with subtle heroism, son-mother emotional sequences, comic capers in beggar episodes, cute romance scenes & good mix of action falls at right place..Sasi otras pastillas como el viagra needs a pat for touching a gutsy story & presentation which may slightly get over bored but not…welcome back Sasi!!!!

++ Vijay Antony is decent in the movie, where we needs special mention on his guts to play the character of beggar ..His script selection is major strength for his career…

++ Satna Titus debuts with a good movie and she excels better than Vijay..Expressive eyes & good acting will make this girl do a round in kollywood

++ Casting is good & their performance add brightness to the script..Moorthy, as co beggar, the laughing villain, Deepa Ramanujam etc finds place…

++ Dialogues are in best form..hard-realistic-simple detailed to common audience with some social problems & trend news catches our  attention ..the best..Moorthy intro about begging in temple, his lines on black money in radio show are treat…

++ Photography is crystal clear & goes  dirty in subject of beggar..night scenes & nenjorami songs are shot well.

++ Vijay Antony Background score is highlight & sure transforms the emotion to the audience

++ Good screenplay , good characterization with simple &curious presentation -good climax is sure to stay for some time…

++ Humor laced in the script works big time for the emotional movie..

++ No violence, vulgar or double meaning dialogues or heroism  makes this movie a clean family watch..


Songs are major flaw, and this is surely the below avg song of Vijay Antony’s movie...Though Nenjoramai song is melodic others are just average for the movie

Too much of stunts say 6 no is unwanted..the post interval actions & one more fight could have been easily edited added to medical test scenes…

Few commercial compromises like stunts, cinematic cliches  could have been avoided knowing that it keeps the movies tempo.

Sasi’s direction ,  dialogues with fantastic screenwriting & characterizations along with humor & performances sure make this Pichaikaran a must watch..not a trend setting movie..but a feel good flick…

Verdict:7/10 ( 1 for plot& humor , 1 for screenplay, 1 for dialogues, 1 for Sasi’s direction, 1 for Vijay& Satna, 1 for photography, 1 for cast & performances)

Movie canvas punch : Pichaikaran..Hail & wealthy…