Kung-Fu-Panda-3-Second-Teaser-Quad (1)Cute po !!! Dragon warrior is Back with Kung fu Panda 3…MOvie though directed by different directors, the flow& fun is maintained in all 3 franchises


Dragon warrior Po finds his father after long time, moves to secret panda village with his father with a purpose of learning secret kung fu method..sooner Kai from death world takes the power of all masters including Oogway &  shifu, puts valley village in danger..wants revenge of all oogway students, takes power & rule the world..Did Po saves his friends & oogway from dangerous – powerful Kai??what viagra prix france legislation happened to Panda village, his friends & more Panda’s & their secrets is all  amazingly fun….


+ Movie is all joyful & exciting..magical 3d & stupendous vfx..green stone warriors, the valley, the panda village, the death world & final dragon warrior scenes is all goosebumps..

+ With more..more cute panda’s, movie is amazingly fun..kudos to the animation dept, who worked out expressions& emotions .

+ Outstanding photography & spectacular acheter viagra set pieces

 + Good music & great cuts 

  + Incepting good message with roller coaster screen writing,,the movie had a better bond & emotional connection to father-son, valley people -Po….SEntiments with simple messaged mixed up witty lines & superb characterisation..flows at best

+ Direction & technical crew is excellent..kudos for the hard work


– –Should have watched rest of Panda movies to enjoy to the core

— THough it was exciting, compared to first& second, the fun at full throttle here picks later, but heart-warming emotions makes us forget those flaws

MOre no of cute Pandas, difference characteristics & attitudes, VFX & witty lines, music & marvellous photography & rollercoaster last 30min, not to forget Animation dept for talented work..Kung fu panda

3 will charm kids as well as adults

Verdict: 7/10 ( 1 for Animation & VFX, , 1 for photography, 1 for music, 1 for direction, 1 for humour, 1 for production values & 1 for sets & cute panda’s)

Movie canvas punch: Kung fu Panda 3..Ultimate fun…