Official remake of French movie Intouchables was graceful movie with instant hit tag, is remade by Vamsi of Yevadu ,Brindavanam in Tamil & does movie fare??

Thozha (2)


Cast: Karthi,Nagarjuna,Tamanna

Music: Gopi sundar

Direction: Vamsi. P


Seenu(Karthi) a petty thief, a vagabond son leaves home because of her mother pressure..He is released from prison in parole for four months..if he makes good impression, he might be released or back to prison…He has been recruited as a care taker for a business tycoon Vikramaditya(Nagarjuna) who is Quadriplegic after a paragliding accident.. He is assisted by Keerthi(Tamanna) secretary, where seenu falls in love instantly..with his innocence, caring & good hearted samaritan, he gets close with Vikram like brothers..why VIkram is like that? what is mystery in his pity life & his scare of dear ones? did Seenu gets good impression, released or got in love with Keerthi? how Seenu brings light & happiness in Vikramaditya life is detailed in touching & impressive screenplay..


++ Karthi as seenu is pillar of the  movie..his natural expressions , carefree body language, mother-brother bond scenes, he steals the show..with some great humour lines, he excels in comedy too

++ If karthi is heart, its nagarjuna the soul..mass hero of his satire, sitting in a wheelchair needs a real guts to play the character & veteran proves it..eyes expresses, face reveals, the smile delivers all the character needs..true veteran!!!!

++ Tamanna looks gorgeous nothing else, Prakash raj is of them are good

++  Photography is rich &class..special applause to DOP for showing Paris beautiful & colorful

++ Emotional sequences are pinned with very strong dialogues..bromance & mom-son are pitch perfect..not a overbored..

++ Good direction & screenplay ..Vamsi intelligence is visible where a scene can overflow brings in a light hearted humour in the middle..welcome to Tamil industry & bouquet for remaking the french classic without damaging the content


Slow is 2 hrs 20min..but scenes moves at snail pace, especially in the second half..though it is not boring or say dumb…

None of the songs are hummable & acts as speed refreshing tunes but saves by the montages in couple of songs.  national award winner Gopi sundar is star in malayalam, but still could not find feet in Tamil…

Few scenes are detailed or extended unnecessarily, which deviates from the eg..the Paris chase scenes, couple of scenes in 2nd half

— Few logic lapse but not a bothering ones…

But Then Thozha will reach your heart for the content, superlative performances from Nag& Karthi, nice photography & dialogues sprinkled with humour all over the movie with clean &decent screenplay 

Verdict: 6.5/10 ( 1 for Karthi, 1 for Nagarjuna, 1 for dialogues, 1 for emotional sequences, 1 for photography, 1 for humour, .5 for direction & screenplay)

Movie canvas punch : Thozha…heart warming…