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Theri ..title &trailer made audience go crazy over..with Vijay-Atlee & young crew on board what is with Theri?

Cast: Vijay,Samantha,Nainika,Amy


Music : GV Prakash

Director: Atlee


Joseph Kuruvilla(Vijay) and Nivi(Nainika) leaves in some part of Kerala peacefully with a bakery shop. Annie(Amy Jackson) school teacher of Nivi has crush on Joseph, but one small

accident met by Annie& Nivi takes the twist &Joseph as hidden past life. Vijay Kumar(Vijay) a honest & upright cop, A Dc in Chennai lives with her mother(Radhika), meets Mithra(Samantha) a doctor, falls in love..on the parallel, he gets in political fight with old political &power ful man(Mahendran)in society through a rape murder case

Waiting for right time to seek revenge..Vijay kumar left careless about Politician, marries Mithra, leaves with small baby but not all is well..He kills all the family members & Vijaykumar..Did Vijaykumar died?what happened to the family? who is Joseph Kuruvilla & his daughter??is all enjoyable in tried &tested plot..


++ Illayathalapathy Vijay the word describes all..other wise it easily falls in ” not worth watching category”..Ever energetic, Fascinating screen presence, sema chemistry with Sam& Nainika, charming expressions & body language, good variation for Kuruvilla& Vijaykumar..yes dance is low but stunts high octane one..Landed more on Emotions ..thalapathy will never let down the term entertainment most of times…VJ all the way…

++ The real attention grabber is Nainika, daughter of Meena debuts as VJ daughter..She dubbed her lines& very cute expressions all over the movie..done equally good with Vijay..Gonna go ways..Welcome Theri Baby!!!

++ Samantha role is though cliched, given a good space & she utilized better with own dubbing adds pep..her chemistry with VJ is fantastic..Amy Jackson has little to do, but she looks beautiful & attire catches attention

++ Director Mahendran acting debut is impressive. The dialogues of him receives applauseĀ  &subtle acting..not spectacular..Radhika cialis generique as VJ mother is Fabulous with her timing & act..Rest of cast does find place with Mottai Rajendran occupies the screen most part…

++Best in terms of crew is George Williams,DOP..very well matched the Goa places to Kerala..colorful, clear & green tones for Kerala episodes & Chennai tone -lighting are at its best for a commercial movie

++ GV Prakash Theri dub step & background score is intriguing which levels the mass of scenes in film sequences..

++ Dialogues written by Atlee focuses more on women safety & children growth..simple, short & catchy most of times..

++ Editing is fine by Rubens..done a neat job could have shortened few scenes instead of scissors

++ Script writing follows commercial template but it doesn’t forget to entertain us..Class room scenes, Sam-Vj romance(couple!!),Nainika-VJ bonding, Few good sequences are sure plus

++ Theri stunts..5 -6 stunts in the movie, but very well choreographed & presented in screen..not so flying ropes, but its fantastic..real asset of this movie

++ Clean Family violence, vulgar or double meaning lines..


Tried &tested plot..story of hero having hidden past& his revenge game ..pothum pa!!!!lots of movies similarities often crosses our mind..

— Plot okay!!!but the narration &detailing is also slow, thanks god !!not boring..with cliche sequences of Villain killing family members, torturing near ones, etc..

Screen writing also needs a push..nothing interesting n there few but follows the regular template & easily guessable climax..that too stretched unnecessarily!!

— Logic !!!anga inga its there but doesn’t jar the movie pace…Its clear that Atlee’sĀ  inexperience & incapability of handling mass hero &mass subject..did fine, but that’s not enough for star stamina..

Big culprit is songs, except few that too pictured good..other wise..songs are bad..This kinda commercial movie, songs should rock, but here GV 50 landmark movie is disaster..

Theri has its elements like few wow!! scenes &dialogues, Sam-Amy, cute Nainika,Mahendran & good technical crew& production value, and thalapathy charisma but let down by avg plot & screenplay of Atlee

Verdict: 6/10(1 for Vijay, 1 for Nainika& cast performance, 1 for DOP, 1 for Stunts, 1 for BGM & rich production values, .5 for dialogues & .5 clean entertainment)

Movie canvas punch: Theri…enjoyable but not Theri…