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Mass & Action director Boyapathi seenu after Legend blockbuster now turns out his template commercial  mass action movie with Stylish star Allu Arjun & elevated him as mass actor in this movie..Is Boyapathi Sarainodu for Allu???

Cast : Allu Arjun,Catherine Tresa,Rakul Preeth singh,Aathi

Music : Thaman

Director: Boyapathi Seenu


Vairam Dhanush(Aathi) chief minister son is dreaded – powerful person involves in disputes&leads a Gang mafia..Ghana(Allu Arjun) who returns from Military couldn’t tolerate injustice & gets solution with his muscular acts to people…Lives happily with Family, whose Father is IAS(Jayaprakash) & his Babai Umapathi(Srikanth) a lawyer who lives &loves Ghana very much..vice versa..Father sends both of them to see a bride Janu(Rakul Preeth singh) daughter of his friend(Sai kumar) who has some unsolved dispute with Dhanush gang..

On the way Ghana falls for Harshidha Shetty (Catherine Tresa) who is a MLA, tries to woo her…no sooner in a rape case Ghana crosses hands with Dhanush gang..after few episodes, MLA accepts his love, they are on way to temple,where Janu is chased &brutally hurt by a gang..Ghana saves her inspite of his lover &father advise..they are none but Dhanush Gang..What happened on the visit of Ghana to village?how did Dhanush lands up with problem? did Ghana marries Harshida or Janu? revenge taken or not is portrayed in Boyapathi brand of action & mass ….


++ What a change over !!!!From Alluring romantic lover to energetic performer to a oora mass action star...Bulked up his body, ease with emotion , daring in action sequences, Fabulous dance moves ( Watch Block buster & title song!!!!) bunny steals...Hard work in action blocks, his temperament in scenes with Aadhi, trademark romance & usual dialogue delivery scenes are treat to watch..good chemistry with Catherine Tresa…Allu Arjun Succeeds great in transformation as Massy hero…

++ Rakul looks glamorous &there for songs..nothing else, But Catherine Tresa no-need character has more screen space than Rakul..She acts fine, but looks gorgeous in songs & saris..Plumy ,Fluffy yet glamorous..

++ Aadhi has antagonist looks fresh,stylish & has great screen presence let down by cliche characterization.. Sreekanth,Jeyaprakash, Brahmi, Saikumar does neat job.

++ Thaman musical score is instant hit with songs “Blockbuster”, “Sarainodu” are foot tapping, ” ” you are my MLA” is untried melody of his stature.. catchy!!!..background score is apt with tag OORA mass, BGM elevates heroism &stunts to different level

++ Photography of Rishi punjab is good & perfect for commercial flick but fantastic in fight sequences  & Telusa song..

++ Action blocks by Ram brothers is big plus which keeps the audience hooked to the seats ..It does has some goose bumps moments..the first fight, the interval block & the climax are  deadly…

++ Dance choreography is at the best with best dancer in the hand, whistles & sounds gonna surround theater..Blockbuster, Sarainodu songs dance are just foot loose!!

++ Boyapthi succeeds in projecting Allu as Oora action star with few good scenes &emotional climax ,not to forget his style of actions..


Outdated story & the way it was presented with a ordinary screenplay is big let twist or turns and the proceedings some time make us restless…if screenplay could have tighten, then it would have been a another Legend

Comedy limps &handicapped though we had had few but lacked the ultimate laugh like Race Gurram or even S/o of Satyamurthy

Songs are good but the placement & picturisation of the songs could have been better..Anjali for Blockbuster song is wrong choice!!!

No genuine reason for few characterization like, why did he came out of military, sudden change of mind in terms of love from Catherine to Rakul etc… left untold

— Movie lacks logic & interesting moments of cat &mouse game

Sarainodu is regular commercial masala flick but it has been a good watch due to charismatic Allu Arjun, Oora mass action blocks, Catherine-Rakul Glam & some catchy tunes with few good sequences

Verdict: 5/10 ( 1 for Allu Arjun, 1 for stunts , 1 for Thaman songs&BGM, 1 for photography, .5 Glam girls& .5 dance)

Movie canvas punch : Sarainodu…action- mass,writing -mess