Conjuring movie directed by James Wan was surprise box office hits and the expectation were high on the seqeul directed by Wan himself..THe sequel for any movie in any genre is curse. Most of them fail but this movie is exception with Lauren and Warren is back with vigour

Cast : Patrick Wilson, Vera Fermiga

Music: Joseph Bishara

Direction : James Wan


Based on true paranormal case by Ed & Lorraine, they start the case in AMity VIlla Horror house in 1973… A Ghost wars the couple not to involve in any case…SOon the movie shift to England to Hodgson residency 1977 where she lives with Four kids ..Sooner a kid named Janet feels the haunting of ghost in the residency & it wants her dead..She is slowly torchered -turns her innocence & fear to its strength..AFter few incidents , all of them feel the heat and even the neighbhor who gives them accomadation are also disturbed

Father from church wants Ed( Patrick) and Lorraine( Vera) to know about the case & submit the report whether the happening in the house is real or fake…They both land in London, and finds some strange & terror happening in the house but its all shattered by a Psycologist doctor proving that Janet & her MOm are pretending through a video witness..But Ed & lauren believes that there is more than that..before leaving to US there comes a shocking twist & fact to them..WHat happened to the kid Janet? who is the ghost in the home? what does it wants  or who else? is revealed in exciting with a brilliant presentation


++ Conjuring is not a movie any more its a brand...The 2 hr plus movie is fantastic due to James wan treatment & the taut screenplay..the story is simple but the presentation is awesome...MOvie slowly establishes the character &infuses fear..Crooked man scenes, drawing room scenes, kid in the cursed bedroom, the preclimax twists …goosebumps!!!..lots of clap worthy moments, enough scary scenes, some intelligence in the scenes – light humor laced with emotions is spell bounding..James wan proves that he is versatile in  horror movies……

++ Photography by Don burgess is top notch..the intial scenes tilt, the dark scenes at climax, the shadow of ghost, is the best companion for the Wan screenplay..It makes the audience to travel with lens -Makes us that we are into the character..Kudos for great work..the upside down roof scene is proof!!!!

++ Casting & performance fits the bill..Patrick is effortless in his investigator role where as Vera Fermiga looks asthetic in the costumes and her subtle act gains attentions..with hodgson& the kid Janet with Maurice..every one did super job

++ Joseph Bishara music makes the movie watchers glued to the seats as it infuses fear with dark musics & sounds (SFX)..commendable work..without music movie would have been avg flick

++ Techinically the movie is sound with great production values & crew..good team work

++ Make up , costumes & the 1977 sets needs special mention..they recreated those years perfectly..not even a single fault ..even the TV remotes, the pillow covers, the setup, washing machines..great work

++ Optimal & effective usage of VFX in the movie is big plus as it is not over the board graphics..Kudos to the team

++ Nice edits though the movie fares 2 hrs 15 doesnt jarr the pace


Less intense and cialis bon marche spooky when compared to the previous s obvious to compare the hit first movie…story is also similar to many movies except few sequences

Climax is simple, very simple & a sense of DEja vu on the ghost killing part with simple idea..interesting yet predictable in most of time

— Music is good but additional score would have triggered more fear..

COnjuring 2 is perfect sequel which will sure get thumbs up from critics as well as audience..James Wan screenplay & the presentation deserves the win..its clearly visible that family audience with horror lovers Lapping  &clapping up in theatres..

Verdict : 8/10 ( 1 for James wan direction, 1 for presentation, 1 for screenplay, 1 for music, 1 for lens work, 1 for Casting & their performance, 1 for VFX work & cuts, 1 for making & couple of scary moments)

Movie canvas punch: Conjuring 2..Captivating..Missing is a sin…