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Tarzan the name brings memory to every one mind & brings back childhood days in them..The legend of Tarzan is quite targeted to niche audience but the VFX & the screenplay of the movie wants to reach all aged audience all over the world

Cast :  Alexander Skarsgard, Margot Robbie,Samuel Jackson

Music: Rupert Gregson

Direction: David Yates


John Clayton and wife trapped in African Congo Jungle after ship wreck. Eventually both of the them killed in the forest leaving their baby Clayton alone in the forest. Baby is raised by a Ape named Kale and raised according to rules of jungle giving a name Tarzan(Alexander Skarsgard)..HE meets a women Jane porter( Margot Robbie) and falls in love. With the help

of tribals, he comes to know his history and returns to London to live a peaceful life with  Jane

An American Ambassador(Samuel) invites Tarzan to Congo for a dinner with king . Tarzan doesn’t want to go there as his past is haunting which may bring trouble to his wife. but then  they go to Congo without knowing the trap of  Leon Ramo (Waltz) who is ambassador of Congo  is now to rescue king from the debts of Belgium. He wants diamond to rid of debt & war but a tribal gang sets a deal to bring Tarzan to him &let take the diamond..why do they want Tarzan? what is deceiving plan of Leon? did Jane& Tarzan save forest & tribal?is revealed in all dumb way


++ Visual effects is at the best for this action adventure movie..Be it the giant ape, or the train hi jack, the climax harbor attacks…proves that Hollywood films are always excel in this department..

++ Location & the photography is quite Amazing find..The top angle of green jungle, or the curvy river, the falls, the landscapes , mountains etc ..photography in the action scenes, the fast chases, the Tarzan jumps catches with perfect

++ Music adds tempo to the movie and to the least makes audience sit tight with nerve-hold..Good score

++ Big cast & decent performance..Alexander is macho,Margot is beautiful & Christopher Waltz is silent &cunning,where Samuel Jackson is humorous


The story and the plot is well know but the screenplay & scenes are tiresome..there is no strong connect to the audience in the movie..be it Tarzan raise life in jungle or love life with Jane is left halfway & lethargic detailing..thus the save at climax doesn’t hook us

Characterization & their presentation is routine & not crafted well..its all pass like muster…the tribal leader death, Jane kidnap , the boat episodes,simply romancing wife or touching animals means is it okay for audience to understand?? blunder in terms of scene presenting–rather passes as dialogue..Just build ups

Most of the times feel like watching discovery documentary..as they tell about the nature of forest & animals rather than focusing on Tarzan forest life or love life or revenge

Emotional connect is important for a movie like this genre, only couple of scenes score that too doesn’t impact the audience..King Kong, Recent Jungle book had the connect which made big noise in box office..

Direction is fair as David takes audience for granted..with VFX & technical growth none can cheat audience without proper story or screen writing

The legend of Tarzan scores big with VFX, musical score & some breathtaking location -photography but fails miserably in terms of presentation & emotional sequences..routine  yet another Hollywood movie…

Verdict : 4.5

/10 ( 1 for VFX, 1 for music, 1 for photography, 1 for couple of action scenes &.5 for cast)

Movie canvas punch: The legend of Tarzan-no more a legend….