kabali Rajinikanth's Kabali Movie Songs Release PostersWhen super star Rajini joined hands with young director,two films old Ranjith & crew adding joined the grandeur Kalaipuli Dhanu for the first time who has given the superstar title for him was all set for all time blockbuster, what is Kabali all about???

Cast : Rajinikanth, Radhika Apte, Dhanshika, dhinesh

Music: Santhosh Narayanan

Direction: Ranjith. Pa


Malaysia is ruled by Gang 43 headed by gangster Lee(Winston) and Veera sekaran(Kishore) who are involved in women trafficking, drugs &weapons. Kabali (Rajini) comes out of the prison after 25 years goes on killing spree of dons of Gang 43 has they killed his wife & daughter . Kabali a do-gooder , his friend Aameer(John vijay) runs a school, foundation to help poor tamilians in Malaysia. There he opens his past life, how he came to Malaysia, met her wife Kumdha(Radhika), Tamil Nesan(Nassar) a poraali who helps Tamils from slavery, no drugs,no prostitutes and his death, Kabali’s hard work from labor to leader, deceived by Chinese and Tamilian.

Gang 43 wants to eliminate Kabali but couldn’t. So they bring in Yogi(Dhanshika) a contract killer to kill Kabali & brings down his gang. Kabali also comes to know that her wife and daughter are alive, so he is in search mode.  In a  fantastic pre- interval block the twist arrives and comes to know Kumudha lives in Pondicherry. Kabali goes to Chennai, but the gang 43 wants to eliminate the empire of Kabali..Did Kabali gang been saved? did Kabali find his daughter & wife? who is his daughter? what happened to Lee & gang?is all narrated in dull & cliche way….with a weird climax…


++ Undoubtedly its Superstar..His style, Charisma, screen presence, punches & added with some great emotional performance of aged prix cialis 20mg quebec don searching missing wife..Thalaivar rocked all the way..He is astounding & pulled of ease with unusual characterization of Kabaleeswaran. eg..when he meets his daughter & wife scenes…perfect !!!.handled the mass with class..Without Super star Rajini, the movie is trash!!!Kabalidaaaaa!!!

++ Radhika Apte scored fantastic with limited scope that too in superstar movie..She proves his mettle..one scene when she sees Rajini after 25 years in Pondi ..perfect example for her acting.

++ Dhanshika..another wonder of the movie..though many overacted in the movie, she carried with elan…..Dhanshika’s performance &character elevated the Kabali role..Eg..a scene where suddenly the bell rings & her body language in  room….She is effortless with Rajini combo, terrific in action scenes &whenever she is in the screen, movie sparkles!!! 

++ Santhosh Naryanan..the real hero in crew department..all the songs ” ulagam”, ” neruppuda” , “Maya nadhi” are too good ..the surprising element is his BGM..most of the time when movie goes low, he comes out &elevates movie to a level..Mersel score!!

++ Couple of emotional scenes like Rajini meeting Radhika Apte in Pondi, coming to know his wife is alive, Meeting Dhanshika in Weird situation are captured good…Dialogues are good in few place. Death scene of dinesh though violent, it had fresh sequence & feel

++ DOP by Murali is good but could have been better..costumes are panache..in specific for super star linen fabrics are classy!!!

++ Stunts are good & choreographed keeping the age of superstar is fantastic..good work by twins!!!


Pa Ranjith& his mediocre direction..Dull screenplay& slow narration without fascinating sequences spoils the whole movie...Forced communism punches & scenes test patience as if we watching political satsang or melodrama … Ranjith kindly don’ t incept the thought of you on audience, and  force them to like it in terms of word” Reality”..educate with entertainment 

Scenes doesn’t have the depth..They say fight for rights of tamilians, and their hard work in Malaysia but none of the scene passes the pain/feel to the audience, as there is not even single scene projects the core plot…instead all passes as dialogues..

Few unwanted characters & unnecessary  lines..Ritwika overacts in the drug addicted girl role  & too an extent Dinesh , unclear characterisation.

Lack of powerful villain in the movie..though mime Gopi, Lingesh etc seasoned actors on the board, could not use the space for terrorizing Kabali as all goes for toss..in specific, no work has been extracted from Kishore & Winston chow…

— Teaser showed of another Aged don Baasha kinda role with all important punches told in, but in the big screen it turned out to be emotional don story, making audience disappointed  to the core..because of Superstar script is dull other wise its “Dumb”

No light hearten comedy or humor.. Super star is versatile in comedy and any director who handles mass/star heroes need to capitalize the plus of the hero..other wise, it may weaken the repeated audience & also the commercial point.. could have messages but all in the form of entertainment..it lags to the core…

Photography could have been better & edits by Praveen is average

Promotional expenses are good but it could have spent on the content part..the background of the interiors or exterior lacks fine touch…dry…

Overall Kabali doesn’t have great mass elements or class emotional sequences as both of them have been watched several times in similar movies..Ranjith Failed miserably to capitalize the Charisma & positives of Superstar..not only him…but came out with ordinary script for extra-ordinary talent named”Rajinikanth”

Verdict: 5/10 ( 1 .5 for superstar, 1 for Dhanshika, 1 for Radhika Apte& couple of emotional scenes, 1 for Sana’s music &  .5 for costumes)

Movie canvas punch : Without “Super star” Kabali is K(G)aali….(empty)