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Jason Bourne is back in his business..Matt Damon reprising his role of searching his past and Paul Green gross directed movie has all its elements of thrills &frills

Cast: Matt Damon,Alicia Vikander, Tommy lee Jones

Direction: Paul Green grass


Nicki parson(Julia) entering a secret cyber cafe , hacks a secret CIA file to collect information of black ops operation,as she was ex-recruit of CIA. But then she comes across tread stone a pioneer operation of US CIA in order to protect the country from the enemies..shadow operation and Bourne association with it..She finds Jason Bourne(Matt) ,hand over the hacked file before she shot by a killer assassin recruited by head (Tommy)..they trace her through a virus planted at the hacking time by raising agency member Lee(Alicia)

Bourne access the file & knows his past, his dad’s involvement in program,his death and how he got trapped in the program..Now they have more advanced surveillance program called Iron hand, where CIA secretly joins with billionaire of social media co ,  apps of every human in the world are under thread…that deals with privacy of human & also the nations interest..they want to bring Jason into the program or else kill him & erase the secrets of shadow ops..did they get Jason

in to program? did he gets tit for tat for his dad’s death? what happens in side the CIA& its dirty politics? are just revealed with bang…


++ Matt Damon back again in the legendary role of Bourne rules..as former CIA assassin & psychogenic amnesic man does the role with at most perfect..His revenge in the eyes

& the passion for the country , action sequences with a right assassin body language …no one can replace Bourne with another actor so easily…

++ Alicia VIkander as CIA agency technical head

is great addition ..she plays her role of honest & also kind of grey shade to attain the post of head is bingo!!Julia stiles was good, Tommy Lee Jones & Vincent Casell provided great support with legendary screen presence

++ Script writing..taut & slick..the movie begins with bang ,travels with raciness &ends with bang in climax..few intelligent sequences & the goosebumps end of his cleverness …good screen writing & assures the pace like a race…

++ Music is the other asset of the movie as it makes our nerves on from the scene 1 to final…

++ Photography of the movie is breathtaking..the crowd street chase, the over the top shots of various globetrotting locations, the final Vegas chase, Greece riots with shaky shots          are marvelous…risky take but done with passion &elegance..

++ Stunts & action scenes keep us hooked to the seats..though only couple, the Greece riots, the narrow street chase, the climax chase with some messy hand to hand fights assures the action part..

++ Editing is just fantastic with fast cuts and sharp slides…the movie  runs like tick-tick is because of the editor


It’s difficult to washout the similarities of Bourne series …crowded road chases. camera traps, technical CIA stuffs as this all repeated in the previous flicks..

Logic loops..every body carries out the act &no body comes in the middle with interfreing& the CIA to some extent is shown as dumb, dolly-doll attitude decision…does other country doesn’t ask the damages done by CIA or none bothered

— Good action scenes but only couple,its perfectly fine but kind of already seen chases & template of its movie series

Jason Bourne though has similar pattern of story telling, actions…it is nail biting with racy screen writing, ensure the action buffs a perfect treat with sheer intelligent climax

Verdict :7/10 (1 for Matt, 1 for other cast& performance, 1 for Edits, 1 for music, 1 for photography, 1 for action scenes, 1 for screen writing & for direction)

Movie Canvas punch: Jason Bourne…Slick, taut & racy