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Amid huge promotion & promising crew Siva Karthikeyan’s Remo was all in talks for his Nurse character..how is the film? it is again routine ,time testing movie with regular plot…

Cast : Siva Karthikeyan,Keerthi suresh, Sathish,Saranya

Music: Anirudh

Direction: Bakayaraj Kannan


Sk (Sivakarthikeyan) who dreams to become a actor falls in love with Kavya (Keerthi suresh)  in first sight..He meets director K. S Ravikumar for new movie but that about story of men    turning into nurse..Love at first sight goes awry as she gets hitched with a men which is         arranged marriage.. Loosing the hope he goes to sets of director with nurse get up and bags the chance..on the way in the bus,meets Kavya becomes friends,introduce herself has Regina MOtwani aka Remo…gets a job as nurse in the Hospital where she is a doctor

Slowly SK aka REmo gets close with Kavya, tries to confuse her marriage, infuse thought    that she needs to wait for Romeo and will fall in love….now he plays  real Sk attracts Kavya…Slowly Kavya falls for SK but often gets suggestion from Remo aunty..one fine day Kavya    comes to know the truth that SK cheated her as Remo..Did she accepted his love? what happened to his ambition of becoming an        actor? did he succeeds in his love is all remo with boring & beaten screenplay…


++ Siva Karthikeyan is as usual energetic, dances good with timing comedy’s & counter lines..looks handsome with better expressions..but the real credit is his Nurse change over as Remo, excels as better actor..his dubbing, voice modulation, body language and make up’s are real cracker..evolving as a actor…entertainer

++ Keerthi Suresh looks fresh with beautiful smiles & trendy yet homely costumes is fantastic. Expressive, spontaneous and a decent performer too…cute &sweet….

++Satish tickles our bone with funny &catchy oneliners..not to forget Yogi babu & Mottai Rajendran scores in humor ..Saranya ponvannan as mother is ease and the cute baby does has space….+

++ PC Sree Ram’s photography is colorful in songs, splashing in fights and beautiful in scenes but to his satire is good not the legends show..

++ Stunts are placed and choreographed good

++Couple of songs like Vaadi en Tamil selvi, Senjitaley are good because of         better picturisation..

++ Few sequences like the pre climax in the hospital with baby & rarely few touches the heart

++ Resul Pookutty’s sounds and Weta make up adds better value & its top notch….


Spoiler is the dumb screenplay & regular scenes which lacks freshness or say twists &surprises..travels in the tried &tested plot..even the dialogues & sequences    remind of old rom com movies..Screenplay here pulls down the movie

Music & songs should be at best for this kinda Rom-com,

but Anirudh             miserably fails in the songs &Misses soulful BGM to add proceedings to the scenes..magic lost….

Cliche characterisation of Heroine….is that dumb a heroine character..with            sudden balloons, candles in the air,with lights  & flowers ,,will the real girls in world changes their mind????does a doctor cant’ find the difference in the anatomy of male who acts as nurse???why is all the heroines accepts love &rejects for silly reasons???bad..

Why is this drunken song on girls deceiving, pulling legs of girls as only boys love is divine???how many times should we wrongly show the youth that boys love is true & girls always cheat???that too with same template & designs in the scene….eg he ask when are gonna say okay,,it repeats-drags but only the place & costumes of the        lead change…lethargic writing..

Logic..now a days none of the movie stick with logic…what is source of income of Siva home? how is that foreign make up is possible without big amount or say the flowers, lights, balloons, candles on the proposal day????is that loose a dean of the hospital in             interviewing a nurse???

Dragging climax , powerless dialogues, boring screenplay (only few scenes sparkles here & there)..Bagyaraj Kannan lost his steam as he only concentrates on the humour & nurse getups…

Editing in the second half would have done justice to the runtime…

Remo runs merely on the Sivakarthikeyan’s energy, Keerthi’s presence, good photography & rich production values  & clean family entertainment but fails badly    in the core department of story, screenplay & direction..

Verdict: 4/10 ( 1 for Siva aka Remo, 1 for Keerthy & cast , 1 for photography, 1 for humour &technical crew)

Movie canvas punch : Remo..Nalla Senjitangaaa…