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Jeeva the talented actor loosing his steam by placing himself in the wrong scripts, this time bends even down with so called adult comedy which turns out to be damper in the name of movie Kavalai Vendam

Cast : Jeeva,Kajal Agarwal, RJ balaji, Sunaina, Shruthi Ramakrishnan

Music: Leon James

Direction :Deekay


Divya (Kajal Agarwal) meeting her friend Roopa(Shruthi ramakrishnan) revealing groom whom she is gonna marry. Then she goes to past life where Divya Marries his childhood friend Aravind(Jeeva) for his naughtiness & innocence, but then marriage goes bitter in a day time headed towards levitra uk cheap sale divorce. Aravind though loves her so much, gets a condition to be a wife for a week and then let give divorce

In the seven days, the couple overcomes mistakes & falls in love for the second time but there comes Arjun(Bobby Simha) who has been selected as groom by Divya’s mother.What will the couples do when all of them tented in Aravind  house??did they re unite or separated is all told in adultery and senseless comedy flick….


++ Jeeva looks smart and does his routine  city boy job 

++ Kajal Agarwal glam  is big plus with mini skirts, jegging/leggings in the movie add colors ,nothing in terms of acting & munching  liners though she is cute 

++ RJ Balaji is show stopper…He is the one who makes crowd go ga-ga whenever he appears and crackles the one liners..his voice is unique, which is best for replacement of Santhanam if he works little harder

++ Music by James Leon is youthful &peppy..”Un Kadhal Irunthal” is the pick of album…even BGM goes united with movie

++ Anush Nandan Camera needs a special bouquet for showcasing this dumb movie with rich visuals and candy shots..mesmerizing & colorful DOP!!!!only factor where we can bare this movie

++ Adult comedy with friends & alone in theater can brings roofs down but not with family


Deekay,the director —who shined with Yaamiruka Bayamen completely lets down https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/viagra-prix-france-montreal/ with his senseless writing & characterization….no idea where the scenes connects, or comedy hangs or emotions suddenly pop & immediately spoils with stupid comedy..Bad direction & careless handling of his technical crew…Seems like they go with 3 glam dolls for picnic & shot music album!!!!!

Bobby Simha is wooden throughout the movie & even expression struggles to come out in the face at the important sequences..Sunaina is wasted in silly role ..same applies to Mayilsamy & Manthra..Shruthi Ramakrishanan is also wasted in dumb friend role

Too much & disgusting ‘A’ Lines all over the movie damages the plot to a great extent.,…that too, where Jeeva slips in the dining table goes coma,,all of them there feels bad, followed by Madhumitha lines are clearly to the height of stupidity & bad!!!!Dose gone over bad!!!!

Story, screenplay, dialogues are just in the title card but not in the movie, as we don’t feel the love of lead couple or fight of lead couple ..because of that movie wanders without attachment..

Dragging scenes, as director confused how to end this movie & the amateur -cliche climax is sure damn squib

— Editing could have been better though it scissored unwanted scenes or songs

Kavalai Vendam is abundant with rich visuals, double meaning, direct meaning adult lines,..but worthless screenplay & direction..we can give a clear miss in theater…

Verdict: 3/10 ( 1 for photography, 1 for music.5 for Kajal’s glam & Jeeva, and .5 for rich

production values & couple of comedy scenes)

Movie Canvas punch: Kavalai Vendam..Pls Poaga vendaam(don’t go)…