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Kate Beckinsale as Selene now a iconic character for a Vampire movies  created some tremors with Underworld series..What does Underworld 5 blood wars ,5 th of the instalment from sony entertainment have us for…

Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, Lara Pulver

Music: Michael

Director : Anna Foerster



Selene(Kate Beckinsale) hides her Child Eve a special hybrid born for Werewolf & Vampire. Now Lycan have new leader Maurus & they are getting strong..Vampire Covenant new member Semira(Lara Pulver) gets the help of David’s Dad and wants Selene to come back to covenant, train new breed of Vampire & prepare them for Lycans wars.

Though Selene is betrayed by her own Vampire council, her only Ally David( Theo) is all for support. Selene comes back to the covenant but Semira’s  cunning plan is to kill & take the blood of Selene, to become more powerful Vampire & wants to head the covenant. Selene again inevitably betrayed but then David save her because of his dad’s Sacrifice…Now Whole Vampire & lycans want Selene for blood & whereabouts of her daughter which Selen itself doesn’t know.. now she is the known target..Did Selene & David wins the deceiving Vampire clans & lycan enemies? did they find Her daughter? what happened to Selene in the bloody war???


++ Who else??- Kate Beckinsale-She has not aged a bit from the start of Franchise in 2003. with 43 plus she is ravishing still..Her agility in stunts,consistency in Selene Death dealer role is quite amazing…Squeezing her body in figure hugging leather suit, kicking badass people & lycans is sexy & a treat to watch..

++ Good Cast & neat performance..Theo James now does good job with David excels in experienced role but the real surprise is Lara Pulver in villany role.Costumes & acting is pretty good…Hardly to complain on cast & performance

++ Action quotient..Though little in terms of action, 2 of the sequences are bloody good & gory..the one in misty mountain peak and towards the climax stunts are good not mind boggling

++ Story- Underworld Blood wars- the title plays perfect foil to the scenes &  story proceedings as most of the characters fight for blood & kingdom..Good story & proceedings..

++ Music is fine . Photography is dark & intriguing..the mountain train shots , the castle in the north & action shots are scoring points…

++ Editing doesn’t disturb the story & the plot ..it looks worth for the run time of the movie(1 hr 30 min)


Plot is getting little monotonous on waging war between lycans & vampire..nothing new or interesting sequences found in the screen ..Just carries the previous mode of plot & doesn’t deviate ..that itself is drawback

Less action or new gen action…Though 2 are good, it lacks the imagination & new ideas of action..routine action choreography & ideas..compared to previous sequels it is strictly avg..Even Underworld Awakening has some quirky stunts

Director Anna lacks execution..Though story is set well, she couldn’t take forward the screenplay mixing some top triggered actions & few interesting titbits….This kinda movie should have atleast jam packed action scenes..Lacks!!

3D is waste for this dark blue toned background has it irks the eye & could not enjoy the screen ….

Not boring but pace of the movie could have been better ensuring some good action stuff with twisted tales would have done wonders in this 5th instalment..Time to watch for better presentation & stunts in next sequel ,& retain Kate as Selene!!!!

Underworld 5 blood wars rides high on Kate Beckinsale ravishing presence, Good performances, and couple of action scenes but lacks depth in  screenplay..

For Vampire,Dracula, Underworld series,Kate Beckinsale fans & devotees, week end action movie lovers….it is pure go.

Verdict: 5.5/10  ( 1.5 Kate beckinsale, 1 for casting & performance, 1 for action scenes, 1 for photography, and 1 for core story & music)

Movie Canvas punch : Underworld 5 blood wars…Not bad, not bloody good…