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Vijay 60th landmark movie when tossed the director name Bharatan of ATM fame, most of them went for surprise as ATM bombed miserably…But Then how far this combo strikes back with new movie Bhairava, from Prestigious VIjaya production banner

Cast : Vijay, KeerthiSuresh,Jagapathi babu, Daniel Balaji,Sathish,Sija Rose

Music : Santhosh Narayanan

Direction: Bharathan


Bhairava(Vijay) lives with a Friend, who is collection agent in a private bank. Good soul & terror for those who haven’t  paid debts, in specific goonda/ baddies..He falls in love at first sight with Malarvizhi VIzhi(Keerthi) who comes for a marriage from Tirunelveli..But no sooner Bhairava finds some hidden truth about Malarvizhi & her pity past. P.K (Jagapathi ) who is powerful industrialist in Tirunelveli runs schools,colleges, & also Mafia gang lead by Kottai Veeran(Daniel) is masked man for the society troubles Malar & family as she intereferd in his business

Malar is gonna loose her life after the case against PK is done..But then Comes Bhairava who beats black& white the PK dons, challenges him to rescue his lady love as well as the punches him that he will solve the problems related to society,students and her family…what is brewing between Malar & PK? did Bhairava save & bring back justice to students & Malar Family is all revealed in the pucca commercial flick


++ Vijay,as per the title Ilayathalapathy looks smart, uber cool in fresh costumes. His Energy,Charisma & his screen presence is tremendous & he continues to entertain the audience in comedy,romance, sentiment &  powerful action. Action block scenes from the actor is treat…Gun scene,Pre Interval, climax, petrol pack scenes are scream…He is sure Ghilli in these mass masala family flicks, does it with style which is his forte & not to forget sends a little message in recent flicks

++ Keerthy Suresh looks fresh & beautiful in sarees- homely attires..She gets a important & meaty role carries with ease & her chemistry with VJ is cute….

++ Sija rose , Daniel Balaji, Jagapathi Babu,Y. gee Mahindran stands out in the cast.. Jagapathi Babu scores big that too the funeral scene, Daniel intense look is pure villainy

++ Anal Arasu- STunts –super stunts is biggest attraction of any mass-masala movie..Here he score big time..Anal Arasu stunts & the action blocks in the screen packs power & out for Pre Interval, cricket fight & the climax one.


++ Sukumar-DOP, Myna fame Photography is perfect with crystal clear colors for the scenes & other commercial elements..Azahgiay soodana song from Swiss captures scenically, action blocks hits the mind in different style…Vera level!!!

++ Santhosh Naryanan songs are fine..Needs some time to get into ears..” Azahagiay”, Nillayao, Varlam Varlam” are the pick of album..He may be avg in songs but gets his full form in Background score…

++ DInesh -Master dance choreo choreography for VJ is not upto the level..but the Nillaya song & Papa Papa brings smiles in audience face..

++ Editing by Praveen is fine, but could have cut couple of unwanted scene does make racy

++ Satya needs special mention for his costumes...the colorful blazers in the foreign song & Veshti shirt in Nillayo, rest of nonroutine costumes of Vijay is worth praising..good job!!!

++ Bharathan -the director , has given some fantastic dialogues in the movie which  erupts VJ fans and good lines for common audience on the society..few scenes brings spark here & there in the screenplay..good message too

++ No vulgar, bloody violence, double meaning lines..


Story & the presentation is outdated..N no of times dealt, at least it could have been made with some fresh script writing..that too fails ...travels in predictable pattern & point Director Bharathan for the flaw..VJ shoulders literally the screenplay flaws with his presence… social Message combined with Mass Hero needs better work…

Lengthy—because of the presentation & lots of similar scenes in old movies, run time jarrs.. Easily  movie could have trimmed for 10 min..that too Flash back scenes of Keerthi Suresh…..

Songs could have been better for masala movie..though couple are good, picturising saves it..Poor opening song & dance for a star like Vijay

— FEw Why’s ? few how’s? ..nothing but logics are Magic …not necessary for commercial movie

Few talents have been wasted like Naren, Harish Uttaman etc  in the movie

Comedy works here &there with satish counters but over all its below par for the family entertainers

Bairavaa, is typical Trademark Vijay style of Mass-family entertainer with some good cast, Photography, terrific action blocks &  star presence.. Family & fans enjoy this clean commercial entertainer & sure this is a festival flick.. Not a critics movie……

Verdict: 5.5/10 ( 1 for Vijay, 1 for Keerthi & cast., 1 for stunts, 1 for photography, 1 for Dialogues & .5 Varlam varlam va song &BGM)

Movie canvas punch:  Bairavaa..”varlaam -Pakkalam-Rasikalaam”(come-watch-enjoy)