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The last of the wolverine Franchise, the famous super hero Logan directed by James Man gold is super enough end packed with action equally with emotion

Cast: Hugh Jackmen, Patrick Steward, Dafe

Music: Marco Beltrami

Direction: James ManGold


Logan( Hugh) is now a cab driver living a simple life with  Charles & a friend in a remote place , where he stays aways with so called Mutants like them..He also suffers from health issues and believes in human life rather than to be a Mutant

An  unknown woman  wants to meet Logan ,he avoids but later accepts the meeting with women & she asks him to safely land her & the kid in the border of Mexico else they will be killed by a brutal gang.. takes the job but loses the woman, takes kid with him…The gang smells about the kid & Charles &they badly want the kid for a reason..Logan comes to know the real truth hidden behind the Gang…both the kid and logan fights for the survival..for what reason they need to survive??who is kid? who are the gang? did Logan saved the girl??its all revealed in terrific screenplay with heart warming climax…


++ Hugh Jackman is sincere to his most talked role in his Career Wolverine..He is muscular in the wolverine as well as emotional in the kid-Logan Episodes..Effortless performance in old aged  role with ease in action makes him the best for role Wolverine

++ Dafe keen, the kid score & gets tough fight to Hugh Jackman in many scenes..be it in the action episode, she erupts like a volcano in stunts and breezes in the caring scenes..Eyes speak volume as it portrays the vengeance as well as kindness at the best in screen..kudos kid

++ Impressive cast & the performance is rock solid . Patrick & bald head friend with couple of kids scores sixer..

++ Screenplay is deftly written shifting from slow begin to emotional attachment to action scenes & last to razor sharp climax…well handled the Hugh-Dafe scenes laced with humour..

++ Action scenes which are composed with pre blocks & the gradual hype to the next coming stunts is added attraction….

++ Photography for this Wolverine movie captures the location beautifully ..the sand driven roads & dense forest are beautiful

++ Music by Beltrami gives the right mood & hype for the wolverine feast

++ The sets need a good mention..the closed factory in the highway location is quite fine..

++ Plot is effective with James Mangold strikes gold in the direction department..the climax scene of cross turning is sure shot eg..


Unbelievable proceedings with logic loops in few places may slow down the tempo of the movie

Though the movie is not boring, the length 2 hrs 10 min for this stuff movie is slightly in excess…

— slow down in some of the places in the screenplay could have been brushed up

All said, Logan is typical superHero action movie with emotion & fierce stunts takes the front seat rather than the dominating VFX & fantasy stuffs

Verdict: 7/10 ( 1 for Hugh, 1 for Dafe, the kid, 1 for stellar cast, 1 for music, 1 for action, 1 for photography, 1 for screenplay & direction)

Movie canvas punch: Logan – Gripping & fitting finale for Wolverine