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Eeram and Vallinam fame Arivazhgan casting out form Arun vijay for Kuttram 23 raised a question with Crime novel king Rajeshkumar helming the screen play was a surprise shocker..Did Arivu weaved the similar magic of Eeram or not??

Cast : Arun Vijay, Mahima, Vamsi

Music: VIshal Chandrasekar

Direction: Arivazhgan


Vettri Maran (Arun) an assistant commissioner gets in to missing wife case of famous TV channel businessman.. He meets Thendral( Mahima) on the case front & evens falls in love for her nature & job. Vetri has immense respect and care towards his brothers wife Sri Abi(Abhinaya) who’s wait for child is longer delayed &it irks the family but Vetri supports.. one fine day she gets pregnant & the whole family is happy..on the other side of case investigation, Vetri comes close and finds the famous TV channel men missing wife got murdered cruelly & was  also pregnant .

Few try to kill Thendral, and so to safe guard her, he proposes & goes for a marriage but all loose hell when her Anni Sri Abhi suicides…now Vetri gets in to deeper digging and finds out the cruel & terrible truth of white collar crime behind the death of women and how does Pregnancy related with this death? what is 23 and who is behind the white collar crime? is all well executed with subtle emotion & much needed message to the society


++ Arivazghan , the director , does has his share of brilliance in every movie.. His dialogues & the treatment of this medical thriller needs a warm reception & equally educates & aware about the frauds involved with blackmailers & frauds in this industry..kudos for the plot & emotional thriller genre which is rarity now a days

++ Arun vijay’s gives his best after Victor role..He looks Macho, fit, fights well & towards the climax his act needs appreciation..Hard work never fails..Arun VIjay is now getting bankable star tag but needs to select right scripts

++ Mahima Nambiar is pleasant & gives neat performance in prevailed role..Vamsi & aravind are terrific with Thambi ramaiah gets us some relief with  his one liners..Abhinaya has given a wonderful performance & emoted better in the middle of husband-kid-society..welcome back Abhi!!!

++ Rajesh kumar medical terms & the tight screenplay without deviating from story like unwanted love tracks or humor needs a special mention..felt the novel reading !!!

++ VIshal chandra sekar BGM makes the right noise though his musics inspired from  conjuring movie series

++ Photography is top notch,…eagle eye view of Chennai roads, the garbage area & drone shots of the church are best eg..

++ Editing is crisp

++Stunts in the movie looks realistic & fierce..the fight which takes place in the room is terrific


— Easily guessable villain & the culprit..the proceeding & plot are interesting but  easily guessable scenes, sequences & finish is what the kuttram 23  fails…climax is hurried & could give time for panache end which Arivu gave space for the interrogation scenes rather than the climax..

Not a movie for all..Though it touches women desire for a baby & love for family..the entertainment factor is pretty less as medical thriller could not satisfy a common man’s expectation

The screen presence..though Arun Vijay is good, he lacks the charisma & screen presence to carry forward the movie..couple of scenes he is artificial & acts as if director asked for a take..could have worked more on body language & eye contacts

Only two songs that to fails to enter into heart…

But then Kuttram 23 is for those who love unique, slow , hard hitting  with an interesting thriller effect in quite few places, technically also brilliant  flick with  good message..Good watch for the much needed message

Verdict: 6/10(1 for Direction, 1 for Screenplay of Rajesh Kumar, 1 for photography, 1 for cast & performance, 1 for the story, 1 for Arun Vijay & his stunts)

Movie canvas punch: Kuttram 23 …Watch it!!!