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One of the favorite monster, Kong for the audience is back with bigger reboot of the classic & helmed by director Jordan Vogt-Roberts..but it is no where near to Peter Jackson King Kong though it fares better in grandeur department

Cast : Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel Jackson

Director :Jordan Vogt-Roberts


Story starts in 1973 at the Vietnam war period . Bill Randa a government agent & his secretary finds an unexplored island in south pacific , gets in to the mission for some science research.. with the research team he hires a tracker(Tom Hiddleston) who is ex captain good at hunting in expedition, helicopter squadron Packard(Samuel) as escort & a  team loaded with weapons. At the last moment the team is joined by a journalist  cum photographer (Brie Larson) as she doesn’t believe Randa about the mission & its truth..

They land the skull island but the black truth is they know about a monster Kong & they are here to kill the ape which destroyed many they think.. In the middle, they meet Marlow(John C reily) in the dangerous jungle who got stuck since the world war 1 &was waiting for 22 years with forest cannibals.. Through him they come to know the Kong is the savior of this forest, saves people & forest from deadly creature named Skull crawlers & they only killed lots of people & not Kong..But Packard & couple wants Kong’s death without knowing the real reason..did the team escaped from the island? did Kong saved them from the deadly creatures? is all explored with giant action & CGI  in screen


++ CGI fueled action episodes...the best is action sequences where the giant ape bashing  the big creatures, crushing fleet of choppers and octopus , climax towards the mother of skull crawlers are bang ..work of Graphics & animation team has to be lauded who made this medium writing flick into big league of Monsters epic clash  action…ITs just god-awful!!!
++ Action scenes…the way the action scenes unfold gives us a damn good treat in the screen & the heroism of Kong & its ways it developed are highlights of the movie..most of the time, we are in edge of the seat when the fight & crushing of Ape in the screen

++ Photography is amazing..the pacific ocean shots, and the island surrounded by big mountains, water beds, the silent forest or top view shots of the choppers..be it action scenes or the, Kong bashing &damaged ships…Photography steals the show with thunder…Adds more grandeur

++ Music makes hails the Kong for sure & it does have its intense  &  silence adds spine chilling

++ Sound editing & mixing is what makes the movie watch better..eg. chopper facing the Kong in the island & the crashes are wild !!!!

++ Cast is decent with Tom, Brie, Samuel Jackson have good time & space as the talented cast finds their place but Marlow Character is much more compelling & even steals the show from others whenever he comes in the screen

++  Big & grand production values are asset ..Kudos to the production team who made this big monster ape beautiful!!!!

++ Pace of the movie is pretty good and we don’t have a single dull moment though it has some cliches…

++ Dialogues , in specific the one liners are sigh of relief in this monster flick , which brings smile on audience face in regular intervals


Cliche Kong scenes…the Kong wars between creatures & the humans have been deal innumerably with its previous classics and nothing new in terms of the presentation apart from CG & action episodes

Kong emotional part with humans or say heroine lacks depth . Unlike Peter Jackson 2005 classic Kong, it fails to balance this part as we don’t feel for the King , rather focused on fun action part

Few talents are wasted and the the plot which starts as some scientific research, Monarch,  the monster killing is not clear. Unfinished plot in the screen 

Dejavu climax with not so better told story

Most of the scenes remind of King Kong classics, that too heavily from PeterJackson King Kong…

But then Kong Skull island has its own share of Pie with gargantuan action scenes, the impeccable graphics & stellar photography with some pace & adventures writing supported with wow ful locations…

Verdict : 6.5/10 ( 1 for CG, 1 for action sequences, 1 for photography & locations, 1 for good cast, 1 for the music, 1 for rich production, .5 for Humor)

Movie canvas punch: Kong SKull Island…Big  & grand but not the King