Allu Arjun in form -Harish Shankar out of form joined  by golden hand Dil Raju 25th production DJ Duvvada Jagannadam..Whats is there to cherish????let us see

Cast : Allu Arjun, Pooja Hegde, Rao Ramesh, Subbu Raj

Music : Devi Sri Prasad

Direction : Harish Shankar


Duvvadda Jagannadam(Allu Arjun) is a Brahman who works as cook and takes care guest in the palace with his lovable family. On parallel, as DJ invisible gangster who eradicate crimes with help of FIR writer in station from childhood without knowing to his family. He goes to Hyderabad for wedding function meets Pooja( Pooja Hegde) falls in  love with her beauty & her closeness, but then he realizes it is prank.. His uncle dies in the land scheme scam and lost money like many other in the city. He wants to take revenge as DJ and warns the hidden man behind the scam Naidu(Rao)

Rao wants to marry Pooja who is daughter of minister(Posani) to his son & make this case a dumb one, but She soon falls for Sashtry. Rao wants to kill the sashtry but comes to know that he is none other DJ..did DJ invisibility comes out? what happened to scam & Naidu is all revealed in old fashioned potboiler…


++ Allu Arjun screen presence ,energy & performance as Brahman Sashtry & DJ is captivating.. The dialogue delivery & his mannerism is fantastic,that too the comic timing is marvelous..Dances as usual like rubber man.. Good chemistry with Pooja and mass in stunts..Its his show!!

++ Gorgeous Pooja Hegde and her glamour throughout movie & songs are treat to watch.. Wow!!!That Monokini swimsuit in the pool scene is shot “hot”..will go a round in the industry for sure..

++ Rao Ramesh dialect & his extraordinary show as villain the added strength with few other shines in the performance like SubbuRaj, Vennela kishore etc

++ DSP songs standout with BGM flowed well with mass & the Brahman class.. ” DJ song”, ” guddilo”, “seeti maar” are pick of the lot

++ Photography is cool by Ayanka Bose

++ Stunts are well conceived which elevates mass to certain level

++ Comedy scenes & dialogues are well written in the movie.. Harish Shankar scores better in this area


Direction. Harish shankar chose a safe path & didn’t experiment much with script as it travels in regular potboiler masala template

old fashioned story & fumbling screenplay without twist & turns goes with predictable path from start to end is big disappointment

Logic again is no where justified ..just jump with out detailing but suddenly a scene connects the logic holes ..but the damage has been done…no brainer..

Weak characterization is flaw..Pooja Hegde character &Posani shown a another brainless minister, Subbu Raj role with forced presence and few more are idle without any reasons

Run time of the movie 2 hr 40 min for this masala is bit tedious & editing could have done some patches..

DJ Duvvadda Jagannadam is routine-regular commercial potboiler which has right mix of action , glamour, comedy & sentiments. It is saved to a great extent by  Allu Arjun charisma, Pooja ultra glam, comedy & songs.

DJ , time for Allu to awake..Strictly strictly a time pass

Verdict :  4.5 /10 ( 1 for Allu Arjun, 1 for Pooja Hegde, 1 for performances , 1 for DSP songs, .5 for comedy)

Movie canvas punch: DJ.. one- “Time pass”