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Dunkirk , a movie from master director Christopher Nolan first historical and war movie which itself is benchmark as the true story of world war is established & presented in Heart wrenching way without diluting or manipulating facts.. The best of Nolan piece..a diamond

Cast : Tom Hardy, Fionn

Music Hans Zimmer

Direction: Christopher Nolan


World war 2 time. Britain & its French allied troops backs out & cornered in Dunkirk seashore by Germans. Britain wants all the 4 lakh army persons to evacuate safely from sea, but its not going to be easy as Germans march forward in lands & attacks in air. So Britain in order to defend the Armies stuck in sea decides to send three fighter pilots(only 3!!!)to safeguard the attacks of German

Even though, ships of army men sinks & flights destroyed, the home came for them..700 civilian boats, fisher boats & u boats comes for the rescue of their national hero’s..in the middle it all talks about how they survive, stressed up, fought& stayed strong is revealed in fabulous emotional evacuation….


++ Of course!!its Nolan..His way of narrating a simple story in normal way without any interesting facts would have been blunder..But Master, narrates a story with 3 styles, land, air & sea of which 3 runs on parallel path..Mesmerizing!!!!need 2 or 3 time experience the movie to the core & its always a joy to be seated in masters handling of writing & direction..Perfect, mean it!!!! ( still decoding the intelligence of screen writing by Nolan..Exciting!!!)

++ Photography by Hoyte Van Hoyetema  is zing!!!the opening shot of the movie needs a courage..the mole & the beach shots, the eagle eye shots of big ocean, the fumbling fighter planes , diving in air & sea, the movie tone, the detailing of escapes & emotion…Magical!!!

++ Editing is amazing…As the movie narrated in 3 ways that too one story but the happenings of ambiance  runs as usual though shifts scenes needs to be conveyed without missing the continuity, eg..a scene from sea where one civilian boat ,rescues army men, suddenly shifts to Air attack, but then comes back to sea sequences not on where it ends,Sea travels connection with Air..Its Astounding!!!! work of Director & editor

++ The way the emotions portrayed is speechless!!!!!..Its almost only 10 pages or plus dialogues for the whole movie, but visually conveyed the story .Arresting!!!Visuals play better than dialogues

++ Though less dialogues, the one which are there makes a big impact on the audience & time of dialogues spilled are touching & loving…

++ Stunning visual & the location ,ships, planes, costumes, attires etc all depicts the world war times ..and its humble bow to all the crew for giving us wholesome experience of WW pain & its impact..

++ Hans Zimmer is always there for Nolan dream. Here too, Musical score is astonishing !!!as it makes viewers travel with movie..musical score easily transforms the tension to audience…its intense, emotional, & massive..sound mixing & sound editing is top notch..(watch for winds in the seashore, sea waves , guns shots )

++ Good casting & cameos from versatile stars & powerful performances are sheer asset..

++ War scenes & bombings are not over the top notch bringing grandeur but makes it authentic as how the war episodes will be. Not even single scene we can connect to previous war movies..

++ Great prodution values and run time(1 hr 40min) is another plus for the movie..if extended it would have been a documentary feel..

++ simple story but extra ordinary execution is what Nolan style in Dunkirk….It s gonna to be the one of the best war movie which ever made till date….


Not for the audience who love war movie which carries regular templates of grey shades, gun firings, landmines, bodies shattered, VFX wonders etc…could have had the feel of already seen, but the truth is historical events which made some revolution for our safe future needs to revealed to our generations, Nolan, Spielberg & few other did, what about ours???

Dunkirk is movie which is of life time experience of how a movie can be made without compromising with so called technologies...Human emotions & humans are more than technology…. stayed true to history & film making..Nolan is directors wonder..Beyond reviews!!!


Movie canvas punch: Dunkirk-Epic master piece from Mastermind-Bow the legend!!