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Vikram Vedha directed by Pushkar-Gayathri of Oram bo fame is well written gangster-police flick with unusual screen presentation

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Madhavan, Shraddha Srinathi, Varalakshmi

Music : Sam. c

Direction : Pushkar- Gayathri


Vikram(Maddy) and his special unit of police is in hunt for dangerous Vedha(vijay Sethupathi) who is dreaded gangster & they are on verge to eliminate the whole gang. Vikram wife Priya(Shraddha) is lawyer and they live happy life. Whey they get the info Vedha where about, all of sudden he comes to commissioner office &surrenders. While interrogation Vedha says story of  his life and wants solution from Vikram. Now he comes out in bail after the story which involves Priya has his lawyer.

All of the sudden a prime team member from Vikram unit gets killed. Now vikram finds some connection of the situation & Vedha’s narrated story. Then on, Vedha comes in Vikram life, says a story about his life & ask Vikram to solve but then, when Vikram comes to know the knot, he is surprised & shocking that some mole has taken advantage of him..who is the mole? what is suspense behind those stories of Vedha? what happened to Vedha is all the rest!!!


++ Without doubts its Madhavan & Vijay sethupathi..without them on the cast part movie wouldn’t have been this intense..Casting of versatility makes difference. Madhavan is simple & subtle in his role..he let the space for Vijay Sethupathi to score & then to makes big impression… VIJAY Sethupathi masters in expression & matching dialect..local language &his mannerisms, casual acting & his ease of the role Vedha is double treat to watch!!!The Man who runs the show for VIkram Vedha

++ Next is the direction & screen writing..Pushkar-gayatri of Orambo movie this time tightens the rope of screenplay & traveled better in this aspect. The ideas of revealing the plot or sequences in age-old story of Vedhalam_Vikramadhitan king style is commendable. The way the twist & suspense unfold forms the trick for success of this movie

++ Casting & their performance makes a good impact as  all of them score brownie points in screen. Shraddha Srinath, Kadhir, Chettan, Varalakshmi, are the best to note.

++Dialogues goes catchy & quirky with  pace of the movie which doesn’t stand orphan in the proceedings….

++ BGM of Sam in few parts are noteworthy

++ Editing is the major plus as it keeps the suspense factor very well till the end &sharp cuts keeps audience engaged to normal story..kudos to the man of scissors!!!
++ Last but not least..P. S Vinoth , the man behind the cinematography… The lens work is just awesome & it stays pillar for the story & background..without it, movie is sure to be avg..The places shown by the movie are raw, rough, dusty, dirty according to the plot..Vinoth played very well with the movie tone & his quirky shots.. BEST OF VIKRAM VEDHA!!!!

++ Rich production values..considering the budget, the technical side gets a brownie points for the good outcome…

++ The last 45 min makes the movie an edge of seat cat-mouse game


The story line is simple & little, pretty little careless  on the detailing of the dons & they say illegal acts & they are gangsters..what do they do??… and few more like chettan turning suddenly against him???

Small small logic’s…Vikram is angry & whole team wants to encounter Vedha when they find..but they leisurely keep listening the stories & getting solutions????Yes!!  of course, idea is novel & pace makes us forget….most wanted criminal is coming like a mass hero to commissioner office walking in middle of Police uniforms, yet they don’t panic & keep on doing their work…till it comes to Vikram ..cinematic liberties are there but not a poth hole or barrier for the movie run……

Too much of violence,  bloody drinking & smoking in almost all scenes(even police drinks & puffs drugs..they say it happens in real???!!)

Songs are not up to the mark of the movie caliber &Background score to disappoints after some time..Because movie clicks big, its obvious that avg songs  tend to be best one..Sam needs to work on !!!

Audience taken for granted towards the U turns in the climax….kinda forced one to show that antagonist a good Samaritan…yes its ok..because of commercial factor

Vikram Vedha has some good production values, terrific performances from leas, lens work & tight screenplay yet, not the best gangster or bench mark movie with solid  content..

Verdict:  6/10( 1 for Vijay Sethupathi, 1 for Madhavan, 1 for cast & crew, 1 for Photography, 1 for screenplay & direction, 1 for editing)

Movie canvas punch: Vikram Vedha– story well executed..