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Sampath nandi -director man of mass masala & Macho actor Gopichand who was in hibernation mode came with rich mass masala Gautham Nanda with pretty decent story

Cast: Gopichand, Catherine Tresa, Hansika

Music: Thaman

Direction : Sampath Nandi


Gautham(Gopi chand) son of billionaire(Sachin) who tops in richest man list enjoys life with her friend Mugdha(Catherine Tresa)  with party’s , luxury and one fine day he is slapped hard by a  question of Bar attender  who are you? and your identity?.. With this question disturbing who am I? drinks & drives, hits a person in the road who is none but Nanda(Gopi chand) look alike of Gautham. Mudra, a cunning businessman wants to bring down Gautham’ empire

Nanda lives with poor family  and Spoorthi(Hansika) a girl who loves him one-sided in Hyderabad Slum. Nanda wants to be rich businessman but due to Family reasons, he tries for suicide but meets Gautham. So Gautham gets a 30days deal to Nanda to swap themselves , so both of them can get what they need..peace, happiness emotion for Gautham and Money for Nanda, they Swap. Gautham and Nanda loves their respective life. But all of the sudden. there are couple of murder attempts on Gautham who is in Nanda’s place who doesn’t have enemies in slum.Who tries to murder Gautham? did Gautham and Nanda gets what they need? why do they do? its all revealed with good characterization & decent screenplay of greed & money…..


++ GopiChand, Macho Hero come back after a year plus is still haunting audience with his screen presenceHis stylish Makeover and costumes are treat to watch. Variation in body language, dialogue delivery & even the mannerism for rich & greedy Gautham & Nanda respectively is quite impressive.. Man who steals the screen with his good performance

++ Hansika looks beautiful with Okaish Performance

++ But it is Catherine Tresa as Mugdha oozes loads of glamour with skin tight costumes & swimsuit in movie with her red hot!!!!! body leads the race..She is even good in performance.Other cast are adequate & fitted well.

++ Soundarajan , director of photography is the true hero. Be it the rich frames for Dubai, Bangalore or songs, or dusty -rusty frames of slum…He makes the  movie a wonderful watch. first song and few shots are aesthetic…

++Thaman’s  ” Boleram” &” Zindagi” songs are good to ears & eyes, But the man shows terrific form in the Background score specific the Theme music is goosebumps..Nice RR work

++ Sampath Nandi dialogues are pleasant & hits hard on reality.. Catchy, simple and straight most of the times. His characterization of Gautham & Nanda is so strong to connect with audience

++ Screenplay though muddles in the middle, doesn’t cut loose,,it was gripping especially in the last 30 min..with the story and plot set well, movie goes for good ride

++ Editing is good in most of the parts and run time is good for this mass masala,

++ Emotional scenes matched well with the content otherwise could have gone cliche…Twists & turns are quie good. Theater stunt is good in the movie.


— Though movie gets the needed pace, the narration could have been gripping with few innovative scenes though it has few but cliches takes away the shine . Routine scenes  &sequences

Hansika is good but a complete miscast for slum girl.Her bubbly face & the butter skin tone makes even worse

Comedy in the movie lacks has only Vennela kishore has his shares. This part is important for the commercial movies but sure it lacks

— Logic have been given a miss in few scenes as they have taken granted & couple times silly where they call a dog to reveal identity in the rich family

The proceedings  on most of the part is guessable is big letdown. with some effort on writing it would have been a memorable movie

Stunts could have been bit more intense with macho hero on the board

Gautham Nanda is still a good movie with Gopi chand’s wonderful performance, Curvaceous Catherine glam, Music & photography with rich production values

Verdict : 6/10 ( 1 for Gopichand, 1 for Catherine Tresa glam , 1 for photography, 1 for music, 1 for dialogues & direction , 1 for rich production values)

Movie canvas punch : Gautham Nanda.–Pacca masala entertainer with micro-message