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A.R Murugadass, director of the moment & Prince of Andra Mahesh babu debuting in Tamil movie Spyder is bilingual project which carried enormous hype & hoopla as both class joins together drive us in theater to watch crackle like Thuppaki,Ghajini & Kathi.

Cast : Mahesh Babu,Rakul Preeth, SJ Surya

Music : Harris Jeyaraj

director: A.R. Murugadoss


Shiva(Mahesh Babu) works in intelligence bureau as legal call tapper. He also taps the call illegally of the common people with the help of his software , he stops the crime before it happens &save people without any expectation &it utterly a kind hearten humanity. He also come across Charlie(Rakul) medical student in weird call & slowly falls in love. All is well, but one bad day comes in as he gets a awkward call from school girl & he sent his constable friend for her safety , but both dies cruelly in the morning as he is murdered by some body

Feeling guilty of it, he takes challenge of finding the culprit, goes deep & nabs the person with his intelligence named Sudalai(SJ Surya) who is sadistic psychopath who kills people with very well detailed of his history & childhood..revealing the plot after this will be spoiler..So what is Sudalai up to? why does he want to avenge Shiva is all crafted in racy & some brilliant sequences…


++ Mahesh babu Tamil debut is impressive..his Tamil diction & dialogue delivery amazes us..Perfect!!!(better than few Tamil heroes) .looks Dashing with his uber cool looks & agile in stunts.. sincere performance from prince as he totally surrendered to director.. As Usual Mahesh Babu rocks with his magnified persona!!!!

++ Dark horse & sweet surprise..SJ Surya as villain is ruthless & menacing ..his tone, hairdo, punch delivery will sure bring claps from your side..underrated actor & he nailed it with stellar performance..audience will be stun…Welcome SJ Surya, the actor

++ AR. Muruga’s  screen writing & direction with simple hitting dialogues is visible here..bilingual project well handled and meeting the expectation  is herculean task & he made it..

++ Rakul looks beautiful in songs. Decent performance too but looked shoddy makeup & hairdo in scenes.  Cast & performances is apt as it varies from Tamil to Telugu..Every body has done commendable job in the movie

++ Few interesting twists & turns and the intense flashback of the antagonist is detailed with panache .It is typical Muruga’s touch  of making. Second half is quite racy & fast paced with cat & mouse game filled with enough thrills and brilliance sprayed in some sequences..Watch out the post interval scenes saving his family, nabbing the culprit with help of women & Tv Seriel Saravanan Meenakshi..clearly the best part of the movie!!!!!

++ Harris Jeyaraj songs like “cciliya”  , “Otrai” are fine but not best but he then score with his Background score..different for hero & villain with pulsating score..its remarkable BGM which elevates movie to great extent

++ Santhosh Sivan the legend shows his legendary skills in photography without diverting from the story & avoids unwanted top angles & helicam shots..kudos to legend..

++ Editing by Sreekar is decent and stunts by Peterheins was not flying kinda but it is hard -hitting..

++ Rich production values & great effort of the team for bringing out racy movie with good message delivered at last

++ No vulgarity or violence shown, crass comedy..Clean family enjoyable flick


For Potential of ARM, story is simple & ordinary  with Psych path & intelligence officer, Plot also goes awry in some places as it diverts to heroism & regular cat-mouse game..

Brilliance of hero finding clues & solution are not detailed much as it passes muster. Spy thriller needs bit more of  brainy moves made both by hero & villain..going beyond the goal has not been delivered what expected from Murgua’s brain..

First 20 mins takes time to establish the movie, with 3 songs pops out no where in 40 min..Romance portions though fresh it doesn’t gel with the story & lacks the cuteness

— Bharat played a significant character which is turn around of the movie , but his talents are merely wasted..

Lacks emotional connect to protagonist & the movie, which ARM previous movies had enough to say…because of that movie seems to good not impressive

VFX is pretty poor  could have concentrated more for the perfection ..It is better in few parts but over all it is blunt..

Spyder is typical Muruga’s racy entertainer as usual with sincere Mahesh & his  towering presence ,SJ Surya terrific acting, Ramarkable BGM, & high technical standards with couple of brilliance showered in the writing but not a ghajini, Thuppaki  or Kathi. Spyder has its own dimension of good spy thriller

Verdict: 7/10 ( 1 for Mahesh Babu, 1 for SJ Surya, 1 for screenwriting, 1 for photography ,1 for Bgm, 1 for ARM direction, .5 for rich production standard & .5 for presentation & making)

Movie canvas punch : Spyder….Riveting not mesmerizing…