Mersal-Movie-Posters-15-600x300 Mersal-Movie-Posters-17-600x300Vijay -Atlee combo of Theri is Back with Mersal for this Diwali. Did they repeat the Magic with content &          box office with strong support from Tenandal films 100th ,A.R Rahman, etc Crew & cast


Ambulance driver,Broker, HR of a hospital & doctor gets kidnapped and police officer (Satyaraj) arrest Dr Maran (Vijay)suspecting him in this case . when investigating Dr Maaran flash back reveals. Dr. Maaran, a honest – talented  goes to UK to receive best humanitarian award as he does doctor service for Rs 5. At the same , He meets doctor Arjun (Hareesh) in function and his assistant ( Kajal). He does magic too & impresses her,falling in love, inviting her & doctor Arjun for Magic show. In the tricks, Maran kills Arjun,escapes to India..leaving his doctor life  with another TV beauty(Samantha) who falls for his humility & charm.

But then, an hospital biggie Daniel (SJ Surya)  who runs hospital for money, sees Dr Maran from TV interview & shocked. He sends his Hench man to kill Dr Maran, but he is saved..who saved him??who is Daniel & Vetri maran-Iswariya & what is the brawl behind them? and why are they try to avenge each other is just answered in screen with style &substance


++ Thalapathy Vijay tripe treat in triple role is USP. As Doctor & magician he did subtle-class, fun -energetic & as Thalapathy in flashback is roaring with get ups, dialect & mass acting.Dances, does cute romance with Kajal& samantha..crackling chemistry with Nitya Menon, expressive & Fresh ..Fierce in stunts..Sincere performance adds another best movie in acting career..Thalapathy ..Triple mersal

++ Director Atlee..Credit goes to him for balancing well with Mass & emotion..Gets a high point when the film is low in regular intervals. Vijayendra Prasad , story writer also needs to credited. Both had screenplay  under control as the making & packaging is perfect to give a wholesome entertainment.Magics &VFX for the movie  is fantastic..

++ Heroines..Kajal looks beautiful in a song,Samantha nailed Chennai girl role, but its Nithya Menon who has better screen presence & the actor easily score with effortless act. Eyes speaks volumes for her with Thalapathy..

++ Casting is elephantine.. Satyaraj,Vadivelu, Kutty Maran, Yogibabu, Hareesh,Kaali venkat does good job.       SJ Surya has suave villain is high point &  brings roof down with flash back sequences which was menacing..

++ DOP Vishnu..First movie for him but then his angles,lighting’s & visuals doesn’t say that..songs were colorful, stunts shot in style, foreign locales & domestic finds high place ..welcome bro with stupendous work!!!

++ AR Rahman songs are more of mass than doubt “Aala Pooran” is pick of the slot, of 3 songs are good & shot beautifully.. BGM of AR is vera level..his musical score elevates the scenes without disturbing the mass soul..semma!!!

++ Editing by Ruban needs a special mention for finding right scenes at places &doesn’t misses the content & raciness..Sharp!!!

++ Anal Arasu stunt choreography brings the best action mood when vijay is on is believable & stunt are added strength for the mass movie

++ Shobie, Prem Rakshit dance moves are cool

++ Dialogues are relevant to our life & simple lines along with social message of hospital corruption needs     applause to director &dialogue writer

++ Technically strong & rich-grand production values make the movie even bigger..Thenandal films a big bouquet ..congrats to crew for the work

++ Costumes are neat & research on the flashback by the team needs kudos!!


Story is old & its predictable most of the times..novelty in the scenes & intelligence in writing is par less

Logic loops have been there but its cemented very well by Atlee’s making & presentation

Kajal & samantha weak characterizations .. No need of at least one heroine as they took space hiding few scenes &sequences would add  pep for the movie

Song placements is pretty bad though songs are good

Lots of similarities from old movies(Tamil & English).” Apoorva Sagotharargal”, Ramana, Kathi, Now you seeme etc..interval of handcuff scene is straight lift from now you see me movie..

Cliches & run time is also a kutti concern

Mersal is perfect flick for the festival mood. Romance, comedy, sentiments & action are rightly placed with Vijay’s magical performance, strong cast & crew with Atlee’s direction skills, though story is routine..Movie has enough pace to throw boredom away.. …go celebrate with family for the festival

Verdict: 7/10 (1 for Vijay, 1 for Nithya , casting &performance, 1 for DOP, 1 for Music & songs, 1 for stunts & dialogues , 1 for screenplay & packaging, 1 for grand production values)

Movie Canvas Punch: Mersal…Sparkling-Crackling-blasting