K.S Ravikumar director of commercial movie & Natasimham joined hands for movie starring lucky mascot Nayanthara.. Jai Simha released without much fun fare & shot in time..what it has in stores??


Cast: Balakrishna, Nayanthara, Natasha doshi, Haripriya

Music: Chirathan Bhatt

Director: K.S Ravikumar


Narasimha(BalaKrishna) shifts place to place with his baby in order to live peaceful life. He lands in Kumbakonam and does a driver job in good man place. Dhanya(Natasha) daughter of good man has drug habit & brings a feud to home where, Narashimam saves her & family reputation by taking responsibility of don’s brother accident. Slowly he gets in to fight between a local police officer & on the parallel he meets Gauri(Nayanthara) who is his ex lover .

He wants to leave the place as he wants to forget his past. unfortunately, Brother of don dies in the accident & wants vengeance with Narasimham. He takes his child & a big fight arrives in the market.He warns villain but a great twist is that it is not his child but her ex-lover child..child are look alike..who is Narashimam? why did he marry His lover? who are those babies? are told in well engaging & tight screenplay by KS Ravikumar


++ Natasimhamam Balakrishna, who else it would be..he has terrific screen presence & underplayed the role in two shades with uttering less punches, but fierce in action , and dances like dream in songs. Performance is perfect but surprised with the emotional performance with ease..best scenes, hospital & the climax,  he is versatile.. The biggest strength

++ 3 Heroines and all have done justice. Nayanthara scores an edge & has done beautifully as story revolves around her. Hari priya shines good where Natasha doshi glams  & dances pretty energetic

++ Apt casting & their performance. Brahmi, Bahubali Villain, Prakash Raj did their job &stands out

++ Screenplay is sharp & engaging from start to end. Though story is old, KS Ravikumar brilliantly mixed up all the commercial elements and not to forget all the emotion-action scenes worked in favor.Couple of twists are interesting & placed at right place. Kudos to Director RaviKumar for tight screenplay

++ BGM of chiratan Bhatt is ok  . Songs passes muster  except foot tapping “Ammakutti” shot & choreographed well

++ Photography By Ravi Prasad is wonderful & travels all over with the movie and differentiates Kumbakonam & vizag well..songs & stunts deserves special mention.

++ Stunts are quite heavy but its sure not a distraction

++ Editing makes the film Racy & scissors were right at place..even the song placements are good in Balayya movie..

++ Few scenes worked very well. Like , Brahmin episodes, Pre interval scenes, hospital, the climax have been handled well by director..Sentiment scenes are plus

++ A clean Family pack for this festive season


Story is tested & dusted many times. though we can guess few scenes it is the screen writing which makes us watch without discomfort

cliche scenes and lengthy second half.could have been trimmed a little

Songs could have been better as this kinda movies have better mileage in box office when songs shine at place

Jai simha from Ravikumar-Balayya combo strikes right with good mix of emotion-action  though story is pretty old. Look out for Balayya superb performance & KS Ravikumar treatment.

Verdict :5.5/10 (1 for Balayya, 1 for heroines, 1 for photography, 1 for screenplay & direction, 1 for stunts and .5cast & performance)

Movie canvas Punch: Jai Simha..Jeyam