Lady super star “Anushka Shetty after memorable Devasena comes as Bhagaamathie with not-known director a horror-political thriller..who is Bhagaamathie? what is it all about?

Cast: Anushka Shetty, Unni mukundan, Jai Ram,Asha Sarath

Music: Thaman

Director: G.Ashok


Indra Prasad(JeyaRam)  a honest minister lives for people & on parallel famous temple idols are stolen by somebody for money. The ministry wants to shadow Indra Prasad but he is honest & caring person. They appoint a CBI officer(Asha Sarath) and she corners Chanchala IAS (Anuskha Shetty) as she was PA for the Minister but now she is in remand for killing Satya(Unni Mukundan) her lover.  She has been taken by a police inspector ( Satya’s brother)& CBI officer to lonely bungalow for secret investigation where that bungalow is old Nizam building which was once ruled by Bhagaamathie a fierce queen.People believe still her soul is inside the bungalow

Chanchala doesn’t mind the ghost story & investigation goes on but sudden events &mysterious things happen inside the bungalow & chanchala is affected by Bhaagamathie soul. WHo is Bhaagamathie? did the investigation of Temple Idols come out? who is real person behind theft? why does Chanchal IAS in Prison or why does she kills her own lover? is all revealed in well maintained suspenseful writing


++ ANUSKHA– From Devasena to Chanchala to Bhagaamathie in one word ” Theri” ffic.. As Chanchala IAS she is subtle & soft -as Bhagaamathie she is intense, energetic & pulsating. One of the actress who has commanding screen presence & gets into the regal roles convincingly is none other than our own Sweety Shetty.. Sure to have GOOSEBUMPS in couple of places with her performance touching new heights...Pre interval, post interval( shawl scene), crucifixion & the climax…Shoulders whole movie with riveting & Royal  act...

++ Cast & performance- Jey Ram has honest minister plays his role fabulous & proves his versatility. Asha Sharat body language & fitting in this tailor made role is awful. Unni Mukundan and few other also stand out..

++ Technically the film is high of standards & has delivered an wonderful output. Rich production values add value to the movie..Kudos to whole team!!!

++ Madhie is basic life line of the move. The cinematographer.. His typical angles & frames-lighting of soft tone inside the dark bungalow is brilliant. He is one of the hero..

++ Thaman is the heart of the movie..though there is one song..its his Background score & the Bhagamathie theme music elevates the movie to VERA LEVEL..No doubt’s the above two people are best part of this movie which makes the film watch without distraction..hooked to the seats

++ Kota nagaeswara Rao editing is sharp & cuts delivers us the chilling moments rather boredom..sure he could have done with scissors on romance part & few horror cliches..

++ Art work is commendable with VFX has been decent enough to carry this thriller

++ Ashok’s direction & his writing are acceptable as he plays strengths of cast..dialogues are impressive in places, twist at the climax and few portions are better places & revealed when movie take back seat..good writing & direction when compared to his previous dud movies

++ Only one song in the  movie & the movie moves at rapid pace without making audience to think inside the theater.Gripping hororr thriller scores better in narrative pattern

++ No vulgarity or double meaning or unnecessary duets, trust Sweety & it’s a go for family crowd!!


Routine story & the proceedings can be easily guessable as we have watched this kinda movies & its end though there are some intelligent narration & performances

Horror cliches that too Anushka fearing scenes are repetitive sometimes..Chairs , door knocks, mirrors etc

Length of the movie .Acceptable but for the kind of thriller 2 hrs 30 min is tough..scissors on romance scenes , horror cliches could have made this movie a classic

Comedy is just okay but seems forced but not a barrier for the movie

Bhagaamathie is technically strong & well made movie with good amount of suspense loaded with interesting twists, Thaman’s  music work & Madhie’s Camera work , along with Anushka’s solid presence & her marvelous performance. A good political thriller movie to watch out for..

Verdict: 6.5/10( 1.5 for Anuskha, 1 for Madhie cinematography, 1 for Thaman, 1 for technical values, 1 for cast & performance, 1 for good narration & dialogues )

Movie canvas punch: Bhagaamathie…    MIRATTAL!!!!  ITS ONE WOMEN SHOW