Kalakalappu 2- From Sundar C , director in humor specialist has come up with another movie of his signature tag of logic less comedy, glamorous heroines, peppy songs, colorful back draft but all ends with good fun.

Cast: Jeeva,Jai,Catherine Tresa,Nikki Galrani

Music : Hip hop Aadhi

Direction: Sundar C


A corrupted minister house gets raided and a lap-top with secrets thrown out to his auditor who runs to kaasi and blackmails minister for money. Raghu (Jai) who goes to Kaasi to get his ancestral property to solve his personal problems where he meets Seenu(Jeeva) who runs a mansion in Kaasi in his property. Seenu falls in love with Hema(Catherine ) who is the sister of his future brother in law(Sathish) and Raghu falls for Aiswarya(Nikki) who is Tahsildar in kaasi. Seenu hides the truth but raghu comes to know the fact and with good hearted he says seenu that you to have equal eligible share has your generation has secured his leased asset.

But one fine day, they see a men photo with Aiswarya named Ganesh(Siva) at present in karaikudi who is none other a fraud. He cheated both Raghu & seenu and because of him they suffer. They both come to Karaikudi to catch Ganesh..did they catch him? got their money back? did politician get in to hands of law? what happened in Kaasi?is all revealed in enjoyable ride


++ 2nd half of the film- Really is a laughathon- though its cliche template or beaten slapstick comedy or to few who says crap comedy it is thoroughly enjoyable. The kidnap scenes, the karaikudi chase and towards the climax which involves Jai, Jeeva, Siva,Robo shankar, yogiBabu ,Manobala will sure bring the roof down. Except couple of songs & scenes the whole 2nd half is fun ride…

++ Jeeva is good & his comic timing is evident. dance, fights & romance with Catherine  is good. Jai is regular with his fun antics, romance Nikki & dance good in songs is also perfect . But its Siva who makes the movie more interesting with his one liners & weird looks. Once he enters the screen, the movie gets off with what is needed.

++  Catherine Tresa looks gorgeous & glamorous in the movie. Nikki looks shapeless  yet seductive with saris.. Both come for songs in provocative attires & they look perkier

++ Big cast and most of them shine in this mindless comedy.. Satish,Robo shankar, Manobala, VTV ganesh, George,Madhu soodhan stands out. But Yogi babu as fake guru finds big place in this movie. He is at his best & slapstick comedies work big time for him & the comedians. Kudos to Sundar C for his writing.. 

++ Senthil kumar colorful photography adds value. Beautiful Kaasi & its streets in different version is fantastic & karakudi shots has its own lightings & frames. Holy song is at the best.

++ Hip hop BGM is ok and couple of songs ” Karaikudi ” &  ” pudichirukka” stands out in making too

++ Sundar C is best at his forte and yet he provides a fun entertainment sans logic. first half too has its moments and kudos for him to the consistency in delivering this movies.

++ Costumes are bright & colorful.


Logic less writing and mindless comedy. Story is simple yet delivered many a times in his movies too..

— Lip syn with heroines in most of places goes awry

Songs of hip hop could have been better and its placement in the 1st half(3 songs) is a speed breaker

Double meaning dialogues & skin show could have been reduced though it will satisfy the target audience.

Hero’s could have been used better in terms of screen time & characterization.

Routine comedy style have been reworked but seen lot  a times in his previous movies too..

Kalakalappu 2 is not like the first one, but sure its a jolly fun ride with some genuine laughs sans logic. Last 40 min is non stop comedy.  Keep your mind buried and come into theater.  Its a good time pass..  thanks it not what they call dark comedy..

Verdict: 5.5/10( 1 for cast& performances, 1 for 2nd half, 1 for photography, 1 for Jai, jeeva & siva, , 1 for comedy elements, .5 for glam heroines )

Movie canvas punch: Kalakalappu 2… Title justified