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The Conjuring 2 movie review

 Conjuring movie directed by James Wan was surprise box office hits and the expectation were high on the seqeul directed by Wan himself..THe sequel for any movie in any genre is curse. Most of them fail but this movie is exception with Lauren and Warren is back with vigour Cast : Patrick Wilson, Vera Fermiga…

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Kanchana 2 movie review

Muni was above average,w hich started ghosh league after sometime in tamilnadu,, Kanchana was sleeper hit with blockbuster status which proved comedy& horror can gel well..so now Lawrence pitched Kanchana 2…this time it is proven hit….good humour & horror rocked in the movie.. Cast : Raghava lawrence, Nithyamenon, Tapsee, Kovai Sarala Music :Thaman Direction :…

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The Conjuring movie review

The Conjuring movie which terrified the box office collection world wide directed by modern master of horror James Wan, director of Saw, Insidious,dead silence. The movie borrows the basic themes from the previous horror movies like The exorcist, Exorcism of Emily rose, Ring, Amity villa,Mama …though it has it own ‘boo’  and scary moments, because…

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